WOAH! Another year in blog land! This year was pretty cool in the life of "SKETCH42" the blog. SO many things happened career wise that were amazing and interesting. I started shooting interiors for real, and became a contributor for Domaine Home.  I had an art show at Intermix and my Trespass series on display at Avery Boardman in the D&D building. I designed a tote, made from one of my paintings. I was interviewed on Barney's THE WINDOW, Glitter Guide and more. I redid my living room, which was reblogged into oblivion. I was an ambassador for Legends of La Cienega. I even modeled … [Read more...]

Iphone test

This was a test from my Iphone to see if I could post from it, but this just too cute to take down. … [Read more...]

Why the Blog?

If I say the word wallpaper aloud one more time, I am pretty sure somebody will shoot me. It's come to this. I have taken to the  internet to find people to talk to about my  obsession- design. I enlisted my  friend and favorite  fashion designer, Caroline Hedaya to help me get the ball rolling, to read my musings and to blog with me about everything we love: Fashion, food, and furniture!! Hope you all like the blog, Nicole Cohen … [Read more...]