NYC’s Amazing Landmarked Interiors.


Sometimes you walk into a building in New York that harkens back to another era. Court houses, terminals, bars, lobbies - they aren't everywhere, but when you do stumble into one, they remind you of Old New York, of the sipping cocktails in iconic bars at dusk, of men in suits … [Read more...]

The Prada archives x Lucia Giacani.


Prada is master of the "ugly/pretty" aesthetic. They recently opened their archives to fashion photographer Lucia Giacani, who shot them in a mannequin factory outside of Milan. The editorial entitled Morphosis was produced for ODDA magazine’s current Unrealism issue. I love … [Read more...]



I love this instagram account @nosurfingnyc. It's an account that documents a 35 mm film project featuring the words "No Surfing" written on found sofas across NYC and beyond. Friends and followers clue the @nosurfingnyc in to the locations of trashed sofas and he hunts em down. … [Read more...]

The Vanderpump Rules Grease Lightening Shoot.


I've been hate watching Vanderpump Rules for the past 3 seasons, and only half paying attention. Hate watching and half watching- because a seething intense loathing for Stassi made it hard for me to focus on anything else. But the other night on WWHL, the night after the Oscars, … [Read more...]

The Lifeguard Towers of Miami Beach.

lifeguard tower stand miami beach florida 25

Miami generally makes me kind of stabby, but I can't deny its a delight to the eyeballs. White sands, clear water, and most importantly, Art Deco awesomeness. Plus, it's got the warmest winter weather on the US mainland, which doesn't sound too bad. There are 25 Lifeguard towers … [Read more...]