Laundry | On the Clothesline.


  A few days ago, I came across a photo of a clothesline hanging in a home... Like this: Whoops, I then proceeded to pull out all the photos I took of laundry while traveling this summer. Unfortunately, you don't see much in the way of brightly colored laundry in Manhattan. I think it's so lovely. These photos are from Italy and Israel. I love them all, but I REALLY … [Read more...]

Glam on the Upper East Side.

Nicole Cohen x Domaine Home

Emerald green gallery walls! Here's a little teaser of my latest shoot for Domaine Home. It's the home of Jared Seligman, a real estate agent who specializes in unique and rare homes and dabbles in design. He dabbles and dabbles well, mixing old and new like it's nobodies business. Those green walls, that gallery wall... SO good. Check out the full story HERE! PS, I tripped over that … [Read more...]

Snoop Dogg, The Painter.

snoop dog painting

Barbie is a blogger, and Snoop Dogg is a painter. “For many years I’ve always felt like painting was something that I wanted to do, but I never had time to do,” Snoop explains. “Painting gives me an emotion like no other. I could cry while I’m painting. I can laugh while I’m painting. I can be serious while I’m painting. I don’t have no parameters. When I’m rapping there’s certain things I can’t … [Read more...]

Loads of Wednesday Inspiration.


Good Afternoon. What day is it again? Here is what I'm doing and looking at on in the internet right now. I'm digging this green color, and everything I'm seeing on French AD: Speaking of, I put some of my Paris photos into my print site. There are a million more, so this is really just a start! I'm still working on organizing all my photos and the site. Love these rooms.  Major … [Read more...]

Illustrator Sara Andreasson


The work of Swedish illustrator and designer Sara Andreasson makes me so very, very happy. It's witty and cool, and colorful.We're inundated with thousands of images a day, feels nice to see something intelligent and sharp. Sara's done commissioned work for the NYTimes, Bang Magazine, Rolling Stone and Refinery 29. But her personal work: The series Rasterize, Museum and Adonis are my … [Read more...]

Barbie the Blogger | @barbiestyle


So…Barbie's a style blogger now. She #TBTs, she tans, attends every fashion show, stays at the most lavish hotels and works out all while looking photo op ready. She attends the trendy art shows, like the Koons retrospective. She hikes Runyon Canyon! She does collabs with other fashion people, like Rachel Zoe. She shoots aerial shots of her outfits and coffee and fashion week invites. It's shot … [Read more...]