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ARTING // The Resin Coated Canvases of Kate Petley.

I've been a fan of Kate Petley's resin covered canvases since I saw them at a fair during Art Basel this December. Her work is highly gestural, though calculated and planned.  "I balance each step like a choreographer, intensely watching for the right move," She says. "Feeling everything all at once and holding it close…this is how we see now, how we filter the everyday world." These latest pieces, incorporate the digital into the work, with unphotoshopped photos of her brushstrokes balanced by paint and topped with a thick juicy resin, which I wish you could see in these photos. The result is … [Read more...]

Basel: Favorites in Color.

Kate Petley  Tom Wesselmann Carmen Herrera Jennifer Nehrbass Florian Thomas Alex Katz San Jancito Kristin Schiele Agathe de Baillencourt Keltie Ferris James Clar Ettore Spalletti Robert Swain Matthias Bitzer I keep going back and forth in my head on what to write today... discuss what we are all thinking? or ignore it? I wrote three posts today that I didnt publish... nothing feels right. Since nothing feels normal, and this new normal is a bizarre and strange land, we can always go back to art. I also went back and forth on so many different … [Read more...]