Hey Everyone! Welcome to the 2017 ORC Spring REVEAL! Super excited about this one, if you couldn’t tell from my instagram! This year I tackled the living space in our Jersey House. We bought the house last spring from a lovely woman who was a decorator, and I immediately fell in love with it. The house has amazing midcentury bones, and some stunning hardware and details that I just knew I wanted to preserve! Over the past year, we would head out there on weekends and I would basically bumble around collecting furniture from my in laws basements and our local antique stores. When Linda asked me to join the ORC, I was hesitant only because I am currently super busy and the ORC is hard work, but then I thought, HELL YES, I need to make these rooms habitable anyway, and this will push me to get it all done before summer! I actually touched up many more rooms than the ones I’m showing, with little touch ups for almost everywhere except the master – for this ORC, I tackled the living space – the house has an open floor plant with an atrium in the middle. On one side of the atrium is this room with the peaked ceiling and wormy chestnut paneling, on the other a very linear ceiling and basically a big white empty box.

So lets get started and I’ll explain along the way, yes?


You can see the peaked ceiling and floor in there were in need of repainting and staining, and the white room had hand painted doors on a china cabinet in between the windows but I felt like those were too much with the antique Chinoiserie screen that we inherited from our Grandmother Mary. We had the cork Ikea table and chairs from last summer, and we had bought the floral sofa from the previous homeowner because I loved it and it reminded me of my own grandmother. The two Tobia Scarpa chairs – you may recall- are the ones I found on the streets of NYC. They were in my city apartment until we moved them out here last summer. The coffee table was essentially a mother in laws basement grab just so we had something there. The burgundy lamp was purchased last summer from home goods.


Happy relaxed rooms with piles and piles of rattan, straw, wickers, sisal and linen. That’s where I started.



My mood board is basically the first thing I do in any room – I compile all my materials and finishes on my dining table until I feel like I got the combination right. I started with the bowl of shells, which I began collecting last summer. then I layered in the cork table, the floral fabric, the Crypton linens from Fabricut, the sisals – You can see the rug from the den, the smaller rug – which is an indoor outdoor sisal-  we used on the stairs, (but I held back on that reveal those because some stuff didn’t come in time). You can also see a pile of velvets and mohairs and striped linen from fabricate, which I had originally just added for photos, and then last minute ordered up a bunch of pillows in. 


Next I went about selecting materials from our sponsors. Not all of this ended up happening – I had to sub in a different chandelier with the one I had chosen went out of stock, ditto runner, console, fire tools etc. But you can see the vibe starting to meld together? Or can you!?


This room. I just love it. SO MUCH. Honestly, when you are sitting in there, it just feels like being in a warm hug. My NUMBER ONE tip/take away for you guys on this room is simple – SCALE. I didn’t change that much in the room, I scraped the floors and stained them clear, we painted the ceiling a fresh coat of paint. Everything else is the same. The scale of the coffee table – which I had custom made for me by Castle Woodcraft and the generously sized custom cut sisal rug that I ordered from Weinstein Flooring  are now perfectly scaled to the room, and so even before I started the layering – textures, textiles, colors, tone on tone… the room started to feel like a success.

PS all of this arrived ON FRIDAY. I KID YOU NOT. It went from empty house to home in 1-2 days! OK, so next I layered in my textiles – the Fabricut velvet seat cushion that Window Treats made for me, plays well with the vintage painting I found in a local shop. The pillows finish up the ugly/pretty palette I was going for. The black chairs around the house are by Mario Botta, which I randomly scored on Chairish one night last year. The black metal counters all the rest of the softness in there and provides some contrast. A load of tables arrived from Candelabra – the Edith Table, the Hawthorne Table and the Burl Stools finish off my furniture arrangements. The chandelier is from The Mine, as are the two linen chairs. The historical canvas is from ANEWALL, and its so lovely. The art light is from Bellacor. The doorknob is from Emtek, who let me custom design by mixing and matching finishes. As you can see, the hardware in this house is quite lovely, I needed something with a historical vibe to stay true to that intention. The Moroccan rug was from Candelabra, and the pillows are from All Modern and Arianna Belle. The vintage textile and the console behind the sofa are from Patriae, who had the console made for me on SUNDAY MORNING!

And now PART 2:

Ha! Somehow this room turned out feeling like were in Mykanos? Which wasn’t the original intention, but I think it went that way because I failed at achieving new flooring in time. What you are seeing there my friends – is painted plywood. High gloss beige, is what that is. Now that its down, I think it has a certain unfinished sexiness and effortlessness to it, but obviously, this is not ideal, nor can this last long. The situation in here, is that I have long term plans of eventually changing those sliding doors to the patio, and having terrazzo poured. But that was not to be for this challenge! And probably wont be for a while!

Here’s what we did in here. I had my beloved contractor/Macgyver of all things build out that bench thing for me. I knew immediately that I wanted wall to wall seating in this weird narrow space. I thought doing a built in like this would be chic, but also super efficient. Window Treats fabricated these babies for me with my Fabricut Crypton fabric and they turned out perfect! We also turned that china cabinet into that white sheet rock shelving unit, which I truly LOVE. I styled it simply, with things I either had, found or made, and that uber chic wooden vase from Candelabra. I also used their clay urns and jugs around the house, and that textured cement looking planter to pot my lavender! (How amazing is that plant in that planter! LOVE!) I anchored two different seating areas with coffee tables – one that I picked up on Friday from West Elm, and the other two small mosaics – which I DIYED out of Mosaic House Cement Tile samples! The bases were vintage Italian that I found at a local shop. Next I added area rugs – a small sisal and a cowhide from All Modern, and just the single small light fixture above the Ikea dining table, also from All Modern. The small little red carpet is also from Ikea, as is that wicker basket in the back there. The linen bean bags are from RH TEEN and that’s literally the whole room. Oh, except the art, the large print Concrete – is from my art shop- and was framed by Framebridge.

I hope you liked my ORC Reveal! It was super fun to do, and now we have a wonderful home to live in! Major thanks to Linda and to all of our sponsors, below, and of course to all the local vendors who worked so hard to get my stuff installed in time! Even more thanks to my Mother In Law, who organized everything for me and accepted deliveries etc if I was not in town! And last, mega thanks to Carl, my contractor, without you we would be living in a tent in the yard with all of our raccoons!

Check out my fellow ORCers below! So much fun!

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And thank you to the super generous sponsors!

All Modern | Annie Selke | Arianna Belle | ATG Stores | Bellacor | CrystoramaCandelabra | Emtek | Fabricut | Farrow & Ball | Framebridge | Fringe Market  | Haiku Fans | Hapi Art | Jill Rosenwald | Karastan | Lamps Plus | Lazzaro Leather | Metrie | Minted | Mohawk Home | NewWall|Parima Studio | The Shade Store | Varaluz

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  1. The coffee table – stunning!

  2. I just can’t even with this- I’ve never seen so much gorgeous design in one place in my life- honestly…not ever. It’s pure genius in every single possible way. You really are such a huge, huge inspiration to me. xo

  3. This is amazing! I love the white floors (I know you weren’t planning to go there) and the awesome built in seating. So good.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I kind of like them too! Thank you, the built in is EVERYTHING!

  4. i really dig your modern organic vibe- what a beautiful space you have created! the blend of textures is phenomenal!

  5. STUNNING…you are beyond talented on so many levels!

  6. So. Incredibly. Stylish. I’m so inspired by you! I wish I could live in this space. xo

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank you! I was sad to leave after the weekend! I can’t wait to go back!

  7. Cheri says:

    NICOLE!!!!! Omg!!!! It came out AMAZING!!!!! You have such unbelievable vision!!!!! The end result is just soooo cool and you!!! A mixture of all your favorite things!!! I can’t wait to see all this awesomeness in person!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! I find it hard to believe it’s the same rooms!! You go girl!!!

  8. So much texture–I love it! You did a great job :)

  9. You slay! Those burled stools are amazing! Loving every nook and cranny. Go sit in this room, smile and have yourself a cocktail. You deserve it!

  10. Lauren says:

    Both rooms are incredible!

  11. Rosie Case says:

    I’m tongue tied…or rather, typing-finger-tied. The white floor, built-in sofa, sculptural chairs, dining fixture…and how it all works together. I’m blown away.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      What a compliment thank you babe! adore everything you do~ !

  12. Absolute perfection – every single inch of these spaces is magic. What I wouldn’t give for a living room like this! I’m not one for minimalism, but this totally does it for me. You’ve got a new viewer in me!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Im not one for minimalism either! But this room needed it! It was a big empty white box!

  13. Wow! There are so many stand-out moments everywhere you look, but nothing competes. It looks like it’s straight out of AD – it’s amazing.

  14. wow!! what a transformation and the place is not even recognizable! the modern elements are just so spot on and I want all of them in my own home. it’s so hard to do with everything being subdued and quiet yet such an impact when it all comes together! Bravo!!

  15. sarah says:

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Huge congrats!

  16. Blown away. This is so completely chic and sophisticated that I can’t even take it. I want to literally catch everything in my house on fire so as to rise up from the ashes and create this cool, textural sexiness. Judas Priest, I’m in love.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      LOL! What a reaction! I LOVE IT! You can do it, just buy as much wicker and linen as possible and mix it up with some black stuff ;)

  17. Daiva says:

    I could/would want to live here. It’s so homey and warm. I love the organic feel of everything.

  18. Lisa cohen says:

    Ur vision is amazing! And the end result even better!!!

  19. A stunner! I can’t decide which ‘side’ of the house I like better? I think it’s the all white floors that get my final vote. Love all of this. You won’t want to leave this home, and you have elevated the Jersey Shore level of chicness. Beautiful.

  20. Where are the black chairs from in part 2? I didn’t see you mention them! I am obsessed with all of them!! :)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      They are Mario Botta chairs from the 80’s that I snagged for a major deal on Chairish!

  21. What a unique home, and I love that you kept with the modern style of the space. Totally achieved the look from the inspiration photos, and your tiled tables go great :)

  22. Nicole Dufour DuRocher says:

    Seriously … you take everything I hate and make me love it! Your designs always force me to reconsider my thoughts on color and texture and design from the decades I like least lol. One of my most favorite home tours ever was your Grandmother’s Brooklyn house and this has that vibe, equal parts design and home … complete balance of form and function. Those chairs, remember when you and your door man rescued them from the curb … love those and they are perfection in this space. I feel like a total fan girl here but Nicole seriously you outdid yourself, bra-fucking-vo!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank you! I love that you know the whole history of my vision! thank you so much babe!

  23. Kristen Bullard says:

    Where is the white dining chair from in the first room? I LOVE IT. You did an AMAZING job!

  24. Jen Ramos says:

    Hi Nicole, Just got around to checking most of the ORC yesterday and I have to say – yours is my favorite. Great job! You’ve inspired me to get something from the room you put together…haven’t decided yet, but i’m leaning toward the Biggs bench…maybe 1 or two..not sure. Best, xo


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