Zara Home’s Linen Campaign is killing it.

Have you guys seen Zara Homes latest collection? Their new Linen Campaign AW 16 is all about clean lines, warm woods, and cozy vibes. Im loving it! The decorated rooms are beautiful as well as the individual pieces. The look is monochrome, neutral tones with warm soft edges. Very European chill. Rumpled slipcovers forever, yes? And how ridiculously good is that slipcovered headboard? Is it just a piece of linen tied around a bed?

Check em out:


1009011999_4_1_1 1009031999_4_1_1 1009032999_4_1_1 1009034999_4_1_1 1009037999_4_1_1 1009039999_4_1_1

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