House Tour with the Incredible @la_Brisa_Del_Mar

You know who you need to be following on instagram and in life? @la_brisa_del_mar also known as Brisa Morris, formerly of Me you and a Weiner Dog. She and her husband are both Air Force Veterans who have restored and renovated their own homes in and around Nashville. She DIY’s the most amazing things I’ve ever seen – that don’t look janky or crappy like some home DIY’s can. She upholsters. She welds. Her art – think large scale wood and metal sculptures and paintings – are amazing! She’s beautiful too, has a  weiner dog named Mr. Timmy who sucks a pacifier and is generally awesome and a really cool soon #SadVader. Brisa ROCKS.  She’s also funny. And she works for the Navy. We love Brisa!
I’ve been wanting to share some of her work for a while – years! – and now here we are! Brisa shot me over some iPhone photos which I then edited a tiny bit (fun fact, you can photoshop iPhone pics and they come out pretty decent!) and here we are, blog post. Anyway, without further ado, Ill let Brisa tell it to you in her own words.
After my husband and I both left the Air Force we decided to move back to his home state of Tennessee where we purchased our first home in Nashville. We renovated our first home ourselves over the course of nine years before putting it on the market.  I guess you can say this is where my love of interiors originated from. I turned to a lot of design blogs and shelter magazines for inspiration along the way which only deepened my love for design. Most of the pieces in our home were acquired throughout the years through Craigslist, antique stores, thrift stores and hitting the flea market every chance I got! I’ve always loved to mix different time periods. I seem to gravitate more so towards 80s style, mid century modern and French pieces. I’m constantly moving stuff around in our house trying to make a space more interesting, nothing is ever really permanent. I like to keep things simple and to a minimal in each space, I’m constantly removing things if it starts to look overly cluttered.
 We fell in love with a contemporary home built in the late 90’s just outside of Nashville. The house had sat on the market for quite a while and had several drastic price reductions.  Our guess to what drove potential buyers away were the cheap finishes throughout the entire house, the maintenance level and the nightmare of a driveway! We saw nothing but potential to turn this house into a modern gem and put in our offer.
We moved into our new house back in November of last year, roughly around the time I went back to work. Soon after we moved in my husband and I stated replacing all the outdated lighting in the house. We replaced all the hardware and doors in the house with something more modern. The walls, which had all been painted in a hideous tan color were all re-painted in “Ultra White” by Behr, it’s the perfect shade of white in my opinion. One of my favorite features about this house are the floor to ceiling windows which are original to the house. I ended up painting all the trim around the windows and doors in a black eggshell color.
 We still have quite a bit of work to do to this house. The kitchen, bathrooms and basement all need to be fully renovated. The floors will eventually be replaced along with the stairwell and the laundry room needs some serious work. We are looking to have the exterior of the house painted in a charcoal gray this coming year if our HOA approves the color! We would love to do more but with my husband and I having full time jobs it’s very difficult since we do all the work in our house ourselves. My husband is a federal employee and I work for the Navy so time is always an issue since we both tend to work long hours throughout the week.
The brass and lucite chandelier is gorgeous in person and was found on Etsy. It was definitely a challenge to put up since it’s extremely heavy and we have huge ceilings. My husband says it was one of the scariest things he’s ever installed. I strongly agree!
 The damn sheep! The drama these sheep caused in this house is hilarious. The sheep are made of volcanic ash and were purchased off Amazon. Ha! They were intended as outdoor statues but of course that didn’t stop me from whitewashing them and plopping them in the middle of our living room! They are such a conversation starter when friends come over, I love the commotion they cause!
I found the gilded mirror at a thrift store years ago for $10! Someone had glued an ugly candle holder in the middle, it was in desperate need of rescuing. The Syroco flower wall sculptures were a flea find and the marble bookends were found at an antique store. The knock off Taccia lamp is from France and Son and I purchased the hollowed out grenade at a gun shop which I then gold leafed.
I found the brass and lucite coffee table for a steal on Craigslist and drove an hour and a half just to pick it up. The curved sofa is by MG&BW which we had upholstered in taupe mohair. Sculpture art piece done by me.
 I love that the living room opens up to the dining room because it creates such a great flow.
I found the French daybed at the flea and upholstered it in a outdoor yellow fabric since it gets direct sunlight. The tulip chairs and table were purchased online and the sculpture is by me. The gilded ram mirror was a lucky Goodwill find!
 I still get crazy looks from friends and family for putting a bed in our dining room and my husband absolutely hates it! I personally love it, you can sit on the bed with a cup of tea and watch the boats go by all day since the room has a view of the lake. It’s Mr. Timmy’s favorite squirrel watching spot!
 One of my favorite rooms in our new house has to be our master bedroom. The bedroom like the dining room, has floor to ceiling windows that look out into the lake. It was one of the reasons we decided to purchase this house along with the location and it’s contemporary design. At night we can see the beautiful night sky from were we lay in bed and in the mornings the lake is the first thing we see when waking up. It’s one of my favorite places to have coffee in the mornings!
I found the fossil stone and brass inlay coffee table along with the matching console table and nightstands on Craigslist. I still can’t believe I managed to fit all that in my car in one trip! The sofa is by MG&BW and the brass and stone Marbell statue was a Craigslist find. The black stone box is from Target and the gold bowl is Nate Berkus for Target. I found the kaleidoscopes at a store called Hobby Lobby.
image4s imaged2
The faux elephant tusks were also a lucky Craigslist purchase, It’s one of my most treasured finds. The gold rattan stool was a thrift store find which I reupholstered in faux Mongolian lamb fur and the La Barge mirror was found at the flea. I found the Royal Haeger greyhound statue at an antique store and my husband later surprised me with a second greyhound he purchased on eBay! The box is from Homegoods and the brass and mineral dog colors were a DIY.

The brass etagere was a Craigslist find and the black and brass vintage chairs were found at the flea, they are super comfortable!


 I love to collect vintage gold decanters, these were all found at different antique stores. The face vase was a Marshall’s find and the brass scissors and letter opener were found while antiquing. The sculptural round art was made by me and the shaped vases were a Goodwill find.
I found the wicker torso while antiquing and placed it on a pedestal my MIL found at a garage sale. The curtain situation in here is still being worked out. The blue art is by me.


Ok let’s address the big elephant in the room, the walls. I never really cared for the plain walls in this room, it just felt somewhat unfinished to me. No surprise here, the inspiration came from a room Kelly Wearstler designed years ago. I didn’t want anything permanent in case it turned out tragic so instead I ordered matte black contact paper and cut them to size. The best part is that they can easily be adjusted without damaging the walls. I love how it turned out!

Wasn’t I right? I’m inspired by her daily… Social media may be slowly sucking away at our souls, but at least it lets us share the universe with people thousands of miles away that we’ve never met who kick ass on the regular. Follow along. 
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  1. Yay Bri! Love her, and her family! She has been turning a good house into an amazing home.

  2. Cindi Veatch says:

    Awesome sauce. Great design!

  3. brisa is amazing. i can’t even begin to think about pulling off back matte squares all over the walls. extra points for not blowing her brains out over the tedium of cutting them.

  4. FashionMaven says:

    I was so sad when she left her blog some time ago! Her home is AH-MAZING! I too love KW but I’m an amateur compared to Bri in creating such a cohesive look. Well, well done. And now I want her sculptures. So gonna be getting some of those.

    I’m just so amazed by her home. Gorgeous. So creative and honestly KW needs to see it! She’d approve I think!