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kitchen1 A few months ago I discovered the wonderfully rad home of New Jersian turned Texan @Rosie.Case and I was spellbound. Rosie’s home is filled with eclectic vintage pieces from Vladamir Kagan sofas, to custom designed memphis inspired mirrors, to Homegoods and Craiglist scores. She puts them together in masterful ways, and her instagram feed is truly a delight!  Rosie was raised in NJ, before majoring in Journalism and Advertising at Northeastern University. She spent the next decade in NYC as a magazine editor writing and editing for publications like Celebrity Style, Shape, and Fit Pregnancy. Rosie and her family now live in her husband’s native Texas, where she continues to work free lance and where she trolls the local vintage stores on the regular.

She describes her love of interiors as a “slow burn over 16 years,” she first fell in love with design after a break up allowed her to fully design her own space for the first time, and now she has spent several years honing her aesthetic, which she says is grounded in neutrals but also always theatrical and ridiculous. She only buys what she can’t live without, she says, and then she forces the pieces to live together. Her tastes range from Art Deco to 70s and 80s post modern, but the one thing that always draws her is shape. “I cannot resist sculptural pieces—whether it’s sculpture itself, or furniture. I prefer more shape in a room, rather than more things. I have tons of stuff that I put in and out of rotation, but for my sanity, I can’t have too much out at once.” Design is now “an all consuming passion” which she is constantly being asked to do professionally by people in her life. (DO IT!)

Rosie and her family purchased their home just over two years ago. It was a foreclosure that sat empty for two years, and not without its share of issues! Rosie describes lumpy, gross carpet (even in the master bath), paintings of fruit baskets and Greek goddess on the walls, mirrored walls, black walls green walls, black walls. “I’m a white wall kind of gal, so I thew buckets of it all over every room,” she says.

We asked Rosie for advice for scoring such unusual and amazing pieces: “Go often,” she says. “My free-time hobby is hitting thrift shop and local antique malls a few times a week. Something amazing may be there tomorrow if it’s not today. Look up, and look down. Sometimes fabulous tables and lighting go unnoticed because we’re looking at what’s right in our face. Keep your eyes moving. With Craigslist searches, keep search criteria simple. Don’t type in Milo Baughman sofa. Type in vintage sofa, used sofa, modern sofa or just plain sofa. Or couch.  I’m always amazed at what comes up the more vague I get! Same with Ebay.”

Below she takes on a tour of her house, and if you aren’t already – go follow her immeeds because she’s endlessly inspiring.

Dining Room: diningroom1

I impulse bought the mural from…Love the way it turned out, luckily! The mirrored Ello buffet and lucite chairs were purchased on Ebay separately. The chairs are totally impractical because they weigh like 60lbs each… ridiculous!  The  original  80z cushions are now covered in a faux croc vinyl. The Table is from Craig’s and the primitive busts are from HomeGoods.

Living Room:

This always feels unfinished to me. I think it needs a similar wall treatment to the dining room. Anyway, stuff gets changed a bit in here! The curved sofa is from a Georgetown, TX consignment shop. It had a twin, but when I went back to get it after the prices dropped, it was gone. The pencil reed chairs are Fort Worth Consignment.
I love the deco feel of these. The Coffee table is travertine, I found it buried under a pile of junk at a local secondhand shop…when I asked the owner how much it was, he said he didn’t remember because it had been there so long! The geometric buffet was an Ebay score, the yellow lamp is a plastic 60s pop art situation that I adore. The painting was done by yours truly…it gets inverted to suit my moods.
This is one of my favorite spaces in the house. The view outside is really nice, and is just a great place to sit and eat, work, space out etc.  I found the glass table and brass bases on Craigslist. I found the chairs on CL separately, and am in love with their sculptural shape. Very Beetlejuice. As is that weird little table that appears to be fleeing for its life in the foreground. That thing is so super tippy – I can’t believe it’s still in one piece considering how many times it’s gotten knocked over! It now leans against a wall as sculpture. The acrobat sculpture was found at Homegoods about six years ago. It travels around quite a bit.
Jasper’s Room: jasperbed
This is a particularly styled/staged shot because the room never looks this neat, and my son is over his mother “decorating everything.” HA! Anyway, the log bed was purchased on Ebay 10 years ago, the oil painting is via Austin Craigslist and the Fredrick Weinberg (or John Risley) horse bar cart/table was an eBay wreck that I bought for $60 and rehabbed with the help of a welder friend. Wicker chair sat in my dad’s office for forty years until I stole it. Tribal type stools were from Homegoods.


This is a moody moment in the tiny dining room. One of the best features about this house is the shutters on the windows both upstairs and down. I hate fiddling around with window treatments when it’s architecturally unnecessary! The chandelier is original to the house…I was going to replace it for something more modern, but I wound up loving the way it looks with the mural and the floors. The mirror is vintage Century furniture, and the stately lion was picked up at a thrift shop in Georgetown, TX.

I designed this mirror and had it made by a local carpenter (Derek Reyna) about a year and a half ago. I knew I wanted something natural, large and sculptural for the space…and I’m just kind of obsessed with mirrors in general. (Not for gazing)! Unfortunately, It’s actually not large enough…it arrived a foot too short all around. But I still love it.


Guest Bedroom: guestroom
The Lane brutalist armoire is part of a set I bought from a dealer in Bucks County, PA a few years back. Most of it is in the master bedroom. The birds in flight wall sculpture is vintage C. Jere from Ebay. The quilt, lamps and tables are Homegoods. The croc Balinese bench was purchased on, I believe…The rug is Safavieh from Overstock. The mirrored pedestal was picked up from a Fort Worth Antique mall, and the ceramic Native American bust is from Rooms to Go, of all places. I was in there with my inlaws looking for a reclining sofa type thing for them when I spotted it.
Master Bedroom: bed1
The canopy bed in vintage Henredon from Dallas Craigslist, the pillows are from AtHome stores. What appears to be a blanket at the foot of the bed is actually a table runner I found at HomeGoods. The art is a vintage framed Vera scarf from Ebay. I went through a major scarf framing phase a few years back.

Bedroom Living: bedroom2 bedroom3

The Vladimir Kagan for Room and Board sofa is from Chairish…I like to look at it, but my husband actually likes to sit on it. The formica Springer-esque coffee table is from Lula B’s in Dallas. The shape drew me in there. As was the case with the weird black chaises. I watched them on Ebay for like four years before I had a few glasses of vino and offered the seller MUCH less than he was asking (they were stupidly overpriced). I love them. My daughter likes to jump from one to the other and treat them as slides. The Sarreid locker was a Craigslist score…I got that and a matching low chest for $150 total. The painting was the result of me waking up one morning with the inexplicable decision that it must be done. I went to Michaels and bought that really crappy craft paint, watered it down and went after it. After living with it for a week, I’m digging it! It doesn’t photograph very well, though…sorry about that! bedview bedside

Upstairs hallway:
This is from my scarf-framing moment. Vintage Vera, off Ebay…love the oblong shape and abstract pattern. Such affordable modern art. Bench from Homegoods.


Some pretty vignettes:
Mexican pottery Madonna and child:
I was trolling an antique mall and knew instantly that I’d buy this…though it’s really not found a place in my house yet. The eyes…so creepy-cool…kind of like mouth breather man! The art in the back is metal on fabric.


Family Room:
The ever-moving sculpture again! familyroom
This is an angle obviously facing the formal living. Actual room not pictured! (I cannot get it right…needs work). Anyway, pictured is a laminate console table and benches from Craigslist, striped bench from Homegoods, mirrors are Nate Berkus for Target and painting from Ebay, signed Max Mata. I wish I could find more by this artist, it’s one of my favorite pieces in the house. Lamp is Rougier, half of a pair from Ebay 15 years ago.


Two headed beast: 50spottery
This is one of those pieces that if it ever got smashed by my kids, I would be really upset. Is it a giraffe? A dinosaur? I feel this is likely from the fifties, but not sure…no markings at all. This is another eBay special from many years ago. I came across it while looking for something else. One of my save-in-a-fire items, for sure.
Pair Candlesticks.
I found this metal pair at my local Goodwill which surprises me because it’s mostly awful. Love at first sight…so graphic. Current household faves.
Vase/candlestick vasecandle
From the same Goodwill, one trip. Love these shapes together. Need to have way more parties at the rate I acquire candlesticks.
Brass bird bird
I just found out from a fellow Instagrammer that what I thought was a cool brass box shaped like a bird is actually an incense burner…the smoke comes out of the beak. I found this in a heap of junk at a local secondhand shop.
Mexican pottery head/planter mexicanpot
I couldn’t not buy this. It was $7.00 and so ugly/pretty. We’re soulmates. I adore the bird detail above his eyes and the flower near the mouth.

toothstoolz And thats all folks! I’m sure you were as fascinated by as I am. Every day she posts more little details around her house and I can’t wait to see what she’s up to! GO FOLLOW! Looking forward to seeing more design by you Rosie! Thanks for sharing.

(Photos courtesy of Rosie Case.)

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  1. as expected, i’m completely obsessed!