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Hey All,
Today I have a cool collab to show you! I partnered with method on their “fear no mess” campaign! They challenged me to tackle a messy DIY around my house and I thought it would be super to restore the cracked tiles in the lovely old fireplace in my daughter’s new room.  dscf5151 dscf5150
I LOVE the look of the tiles, so I didn’t want to replace them, and I didnt even mind the cracked look, but of course I didnt want her to hurt her feet or stub her toe while walking on them. And so I decided to fix them up by grouting the areas that were cracked. This can be a super messy project, especially because the fireplace is surrounded by a rug- so I was putting it off for a little bit. When method challenged me to “fear no mess”, I knew I had a perfect project to work on. The project is easy, but I was putting it off all summer! When I finally decided to tackle it, it was super fun and simple.  dscf5141
Here’s how to do the DIY:
1. You need sanded grout, a spatula, rag, sponge, water and method All Purpose spray.
2. Fill in all holes, and smooth them out using your spatula. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.
3. Allow grout to dry for about ten minutes. You can move on to other areas in this time.
4. Then start using a dampened rag to work over the face of the tiles and make sure they have no residual grout on them.
This is where I used method’s all purpose spray! It smelled like grapefruits and was super effective leaving the tiles with a sparkly clean finish. method is people friendly, their products are biodegradable made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable, they are also vegan, gluten free and not tested on animals.

dscf5193 dscf5184 dscf5179 dscf5221 dscf5233 dscf5212

5. Repeat the process until all the grout lines are filled in and dry, and all the tiles are clean and polished.
Hope you enjoyed this peak into Cookie’s new room… We are continuing to restore this house, the old wallpaper, tiles etc… Next we are going to repaint the fireplace and the wall behind it, and glue down all the pieces of wallpaper that are coming up.
Thanks to method for allowing me to participate in their  #fearnomess #stylebymethod program! This post was sponsored by method, all opinions are my own.

bgibc dscf5259 dscf5253

And just for fun, Below, some other snaps of the room, via my instagram.  This chair belonged to David’s grandmother and we reupholstered it for Cookie’s room and we just got it back…

New old chair.

New old chair.

Cookie's room in our new old house. This room is almost Identical to my childhood bedroom at my grandmothers house, except my fabric was green. I got emotional when I first saw the room. Currently figuring out how to repair and restore it. #timecapsuleinterior

And the room as it was before we moved in.

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  1. Cheri says:

    Looks great!!! Love how u take these challenges head on!!!

  2. Eileen Millan says:

    i love method products and love what you did to cookie’s room. its like a grown up princess room.

  3. well played ma’am.