At Home with Brett Heyman.

Come take a look at Brett Heyman’s gorgeous Connecticut sanctuary. Heyman is the founder / designer of Edie Parker accessories. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter, and 2nd baby on the way in a Mid-Century, colorfully loud and visually funky apartment. And when it came time for an upgrade, the couple bought a traditional colonial home in Connecticut as a get-away from the busy city. Heyman explains that to compliment her vibrant Manhattan apartment, she wanted something more quaint and neutral, an actual escape. She hired New York interior designer, Mark Cunningham to design the space. Cunningham has passion for finding rare, exquisite pieces and connected instantly with Brett.

The family uses the entire property, inside and out –  The outside spaces are as considered as the interiors (outdoor patio, apple orchard, pool, fireplace, etc.). The overall design of the interior is muted and neutral but there is a sense of Brett in the house with the random pop of exciting colors. And there is also a magical treehouse built for her children in the backyard. The house as a whole is a masterpiece in simplicity and restraint. Those green walls with that sisal. A+ I like that the home feels elegant and comfortable and casual at the same time.

Check it out:  060916_brettheyman_14

060916_brettheyman_21 060916_brettheyman_29

060916_brettheyman_4 060916_brettheyman_28 060916_brettheyman_24 060916_brettheyman_23

060916_brettheyman_45 060916_brettheyman_53 060916_brettheyman_52

060916_brettheyman_1 060916_brettheyman_2 060916_brettheyman_3


060916_brettheyman_32 060916_brettheyman_33 060916_brettheyman_40

060916_brettheyman_11 060916_brettheyman_8 060916_brettheyman_5 060916_brettheyman_42

060916_brettheyman_55 060916_brettheyman_56 060916_brettheyman_lead

I love it!

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  1. Soo beautiful! The photos are amaze. Thanks for sharing!