Yayoi Kusama x Philip Johnson

yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_9-1024x732 Check out Yayoi Kusama‘s installation at architect, Philip Johnson’s Glass House… Johnson designed the Connecticut house for himself in the 1940’s. The installation is her signature polka dots that she has been using since the 50’s. Kusama covered all of the walls in the home with multi-sized red polka dots.

She explains, “My desire is to measure and to make order of the infinite, unbounded universe
 from my own position within it, with polka dots. In exploring this, the single dot 
is my own life, and I am a single particle amongst billions.”

The dots are meant to help the viewer see the world through the eyes of Kusama and Johnson simultaneously. The installation joins Kusama’s previous work Narcissus Garden. She filled the lake in front of the house with 1,300 steel spheres that lend to multiple dramatic views of the house.

The exhibit is on view until Nov 30th. Learn more HERE. 

In case you can’t make the trip up to see it:
yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_4-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_10-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_12-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_8-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_2-1024x731 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_1-1024x731 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_6-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_13-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_7-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_5-1024x732 yayoi-kusama-dots-obsession-the-glass-house_dezeen_2364_ss_0-1024x732 cq5dam-web-960-800


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