Pieter Hugo | 1994

Pieter Hugo is a photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa. His primary works are portraits and documentary- esque photographs of African communities. His latest show called 1994 was on display at the Stevenson Gallery in South Africa. It documents children born in South Africa and Rwanda after 1994. Major historical events took place in both of those countries and Hugo documents the affect they have had on the children.

Hugo explains this process:

“Most of the images were taken in villages around Rwanda and South Africa. There’s a thin line between nature being seen as idyllic and as a place where terrible things happen – permeated by genocide, a constantly contested space. Seen as a metaphor, it’s as if the further you leave the city and its systems of control, the more primal things become. At times the children appear conservative, existing in an orderly world; at other times there’s something feral about them, as in Lord of the Flies, a place devoid of rules. This is most noticeable in the Rwanda images where clothes donated from Europe, with particular cultural significations, are transposed into a completely different context.”

The portraits are quite captivating…. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

portrait-12-rwanda-2015 portrait-18-south-africa-2016 portrait-16-south-africa-2016 portrait-9-rwanda-2015 portrait-3-rwanda-2014 portrait-1-rwanda-2014 portrait-7-rwanda-2014 portrait-15-south-africa-2015 portrait-14-south-africa-2016 portrait-21-south-africa-2016 portrait-10-rwanda-2015 portrait-19-south-africa-2016 portrait-2-south-africa-2014 portrait-23-south-africa-2016 pieter-hugo-1994-1200x901

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