Rosie Assoulin’s SS 2017 show – it scares me that its already 2017 – in my head its always some time between 1998-2007. Inspired by the beach towns at the Jersey Shore.  dsc_1263 dsc_7291 dsc_7352 dsc_7425 dsc_7549 dsc_7563 dsc_7612 dsc_7626 dsc_7636 dsc_7666 dsc_7935 dsc_7968 unspecified-4 unspecified-5 unspecified-6 unspecified-7 unspecified-11 unspecified-12 unspecified-14 unspecified-16 unspecified-18 unspecified-20 unspecified-28 unspecified-29 unspecified-31 unspecified-36 unspecified-46 unspecified-47 unspecified-48 unspecified-49 unspecified-50 unspecified-51 unspecified-52 unspecified-53 unspecified-55 unspecified-58 unspecified-59 unspecified-60 unspecified-61 unspecified-62 unspecified-63 unspecified-65 unspecified-69

dsc_7366 dsc_7332 dsc_7384 dsc_1269 dsc_7455 dsc_7741 dsc_7483 dsc_7373 dsc_7866 dsc_1216 dsc_7512 dsc_7621 dsc_1135 dsc_7602 dsc_1155 dsc_7757 dsc_7927 dsc_7389 dsc_7647 dsc_8039 dsc_1245 dsc_1273 dsc_7536 unspecified-57 unspecified-35 unspecified-21 unspecified-38 unspecified-30 unspecified-70 unspecified-68 unspecified-8 unspecified-10 unspecified-24 unspecified-32 unspecified-23 unspecified-17 unspecified-12 unspecified-45 unspecified-1 unspecified-56 unspecified-7 unspecified-19 unspecified-4 unspecified-9 unspecified-71 unspecified-40 unspecified-50 unspecified-64 unspecified-15 unspecified-44 unspecified-3

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  1. marielle says:

    superb! your pic are freaking fantastic and the clothes speak for themselves!! wow!!!!! two geniuses