At Home with Azede Jean-Pierre.

dsc_1474-copy Hey everyone!

Last week I shot the Bed Sty home of fashion Designer Azede Jean-Pierre for a newish feature on Man Repeller called “Real Cool People, Real Cool Apartments”. The aim is to showcase real people and how their personal style manifests in their homes. Everyone loves a good peek into a home, right?  We are all voyeurs.  And as fun as it is to get design ideas from the most talented designers (that I also love to shoot for!) There’s something that’s always particularly interesting about homes that are designed by their owners, and make these types of shoots extra fun to do.  I find that fashion industry folks have their own travelled, collected aesthetic thats very different from the world of design industry people, but super cool vibes none the less. They are the design equivalent of the “model off duty” look, are they not? Azede’s home is a wonderful mashup of collections, textiles, art, and inspiration.  How sick is that bed? And all her art, and mirrors, and the textiles!? Love! The space is grounded by white paint, wood floors and neutrals in varying textures. Check out a peek below:

dscf6078-copy dsc_1479-copy dscf6168-copy dsc_1483-copy dsc_1466-copy dsc_1475-copy dscf6156-copy dscf6135-recovered-copy

Click on through for the full tour on Man Repeller, theres so much more, and also an awesome interview with Azede!



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  1. LOVE the wall vignette with the textile and map. Such a good idea!