MONTAUK | Summer Camp at Ruschmeyer’s.

There is nothing quite like an East Coast American Summer. Hot, humid and campy, the summer starts with a quickly mounting frenzy. After the 4th, it tapers into a languid July but by the end of August the coast is pulsing with a feverish unbridled joy. Some of my friends that moved to California tell me how much they miss the excitement of East Coast summers.  Last August, in the last week before school started, we went out to Ruschmeyer’s hotel in Montauk for a week. The hotel is a converted summer camp, and its like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie. Think Moonrise Kingdom meets The Life Aquatic with a dollop of Dirty Dancing. David called it “glamping with out the glamour”, so do not expect much in the way of the rooms. But the common area was just so great. The rooms are arranged in a U around a tree and lantern filled picnic area. The kids play garden games outside in the in between hours as we showered and relaxed. At night, Smores and movie night, which was The Goonies. We continued movie night at home with the kids all winter long.

Some photos I took at  Ruschmeyer’s.  I have so many blog posts that I haven’t gotten to write yet…. this one is 11 months old!

IMG_8385 DSCF6281 DSCF6277 DSCF6280 IMG_8303 IMG_8304 IMG_8299 DSCF6222 DSCF6237 DSCF6255 DSCF6262 DSCF6264 DSCF6268 DSCF6265 DSCF6266 DSCF6284 DSCF6287 DSCF6289 DSCF6291 DSCF6295 IMG_8053 IMG_8072 IMG_8089 IMG_8106 IMG_8109 IMG_8115 DSCF6272

I carried a watermelon. Brings back memories of youth doesn’t it?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. that place looks awesome!!!!

  2. I’ve come to love the East Coast summer. You described it perfectly!