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IMG_8600 The revival of Asbury Park, a storied beach town with rock and roll history and greaser vibes has been talked about for at least 2 decades. With the opening of  The Asbury, the first new hotel to be built in the town in over a 60 years, one can’t help but feel that the revival is finally here! They call it Brooklyn at the shore… There is a thriving arts scene, surf scene, gay scene, foodie seen, design and vintage shops popping up all over, and as much plywood and concrete and scando furniture as one could possibly wish for. I love it. I love every minute of every day of it.

The Asbury is a restored Salvation Army retiree building, it was developed by iStar, a developer that’s been a force in restoring the small city. The best thing about the hotel is that it embraces local culture and is trying to foster a sense of community- the hotel doesn’t have its own restaurant because it didnt want to compete with surrounding restaurants. The many shared spaces in the hotel are available for the locals and the guests of the hotel alike. They host movie night on the roof EVERY NIGHT (as well as yoga every morning!), with bean bags and blankets and towels and pop corn and everything you could want. Last night was family night, and it was just amazing. Magical.  IMG_8612 IMG_8602 IMG_8609 IMG_8603 IMG_8616 IMG_8637 IMG_8622 copy IMG_8623 IMG_8613 IMG_8627 copy IMG_8604 IMG_8606 IMG_8607 copy IMG_8629 IMG_8601 copy

Some pics from rooftop movie night with my kids and nephew –  IMG_9965 IMG_9962 IMG_9942 IMG_9945 IMG_9944 IMG_9951 IMG_9959 IMG_9954 IMG_9938 IMG_9937 IMG_9946 IMG_9950 IMG_9949 IMG_9940 IMG_9935

The hotel pics are by me by iPhone, I just strolled in one day and snapped some… The others are by Fuji x70, soooo much nicer.

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  1. Eileen Millan says:

    wow what a transformation from when it was just sitting idol. As you know my friends live nearby and one has a space in the antique emporium. thanks for sharing glad they are finally get that town back in shape.