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A Retro Design Dream House.

3350BE9800000578-3547101-image-a-92_1461045463233 Feel like moving to Sydney? This iconic 80’s house is now on the market. The property, also known as the White House, was designed and built by architect Peter Stronach of AllenJack+Cottier in 1987. It was purchased by ABC radio presenter Phillip Adams three years after completion, and he has lived there with his wife for almost 30 years. It was originally designed as a bachelor pad, but when Adams bought the place he converted it for family living. The house was originally sold for almost $1 million Australian dollars, and is now valued at almost $6 million. The twisted yellow staircase and the Magna grid skylight which sits almost 9 meters high, are some of the houses best features. Interior designer George Freedman’s provocative colors were created as a “contemporary statement”. Aside from painting the exterior white (I wish they hadn’t!) the house is largely unchanged. They’re expecting the house to attract a very specific buyer who knows and appreciates the significance of the house, an art collector or even a design savvy celeb. This house is what retro dreams are made of. It’s literally an 80’s Barbie Dream House. So good. These are photos from the original article in Vogue Living as well as shots of the home now.  3350BE9C00000578-3547101-image-a-89_1461045452488 3350BE9000000578-3547101-image-a-96_1461045470429 3350BFC100000578-3547101-image-a-77_1461045400939 3350BE7C00000578-3547101-image-a-56_1461045229725-1 3350BFBD00000578-3547101-image-a-79_1461045413723 3350C2C700000578-3547101-image-a-64_1461045317058-1 3350C07600000578-3547101-image-a-66_1461045331125 3350C0DD00000578-3547101-image-a-60_1461045284645 3350BE7C00000578-3547101-image-a-56_1461045229725 3350C08D00000578-3547101-image-a-74_1461045380679 3350C13900000578-3547101-image-a-72_1461045378543 3350BE8400000578-3547101-image-a-100_1461045484881 3350BE8C00000578-3547101-image-a-98_1461045481916 3350BE9400000578-3547101-image-a-94_1461045465827 3350BEF400000578-3547101-image-a-88_1461045449436 3350BF7900000578-3547101-image-a-83_1461045443560 Please paint it back new buyers. OK?  3350C2B500000578-3547101-image-a-69_1461045352990 3350BFAD00000578-3547101-image-a-82_1461045438898 Thanks!



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