My Five Favorite Ways to Hang and Style art.

536ge Hola! Hope you all had a great weekend! Let’s dive right in shall we?

I get A LOT of questions about this. How to hang art. How to arrange it. How to style it. I’m sure I’m going to do something that’s officially or technically wrong here… but I always get asked the same questions: Should I do one big piece? Two small ones? Three? A gallery wall? “How should I curate and display my art collection in my home?” is something a lot of people struggle with, so I thought I would pull together a bunch of my favorite ways to do it. These are in my opinion, the easiest ways to hang your art successfully.

I went through a lot of my old interiors shoots, and some of my design work and I took note on which looks I was drawn to. When hanging art, scale is probably the most important thing. Maybe even more important than what the art actually is. That said, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. (PS, click the links to see the full tours of all these homes!)


1. The single large piece: This works, obviously big pieces have a big impact. They say that when sizing art it should take up 2/3 of the width of the furniture above which it hangs. For example, if your sofa is 60″ long, your art should be 40″ long. Not a hard and fast rule. I find that there is way more leeway here, to go both bigger and smaller. I like a HUGE piece, sometimes even bigger than the furniture, I like a smaller piece too.


Living Room of THE ZHUSH. she has a spring tour going on on her blog right now…

DSC_13833 Designed by Eileen Wetson 
unspecified-3 Design by Jill Harris. DSC_4023-2 Styling and art by me. 
DSCF6383-1 my apartment, design and art by me. 
lu7p0-750x1125 Jen Shalom design – probably my most reppined home tour ever.
main-13.original-750x520 Sarah Cooper.  main-36.original Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo.  VnuXF-750x1107 Elizabeth Braha 

2. The single SMALL piece: is also a look I love for hanging art. It gives impact and the negative space can be really beautiful and make the room seem restrained and elegant. How high you hang this single piece will make or break your space. Center of the piece should be at eye level.

DSC_4142 My home.  DSC_7035-1 The Dean Hotel.  DSC_7116-1 The Dean Hotel.  DSCF9813 My home and print.  main-39.original Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo.  main-70.original Harley Viera Newton.  main-8.original Erica Rietman.  DSC_2572-11 My Home. 

DSC_1430 Eileen Wetson.

3. The stack: This one is maybe my favorite. People seem to want to hang art in pairs. I am against this when its horizontally oriented. Like, 99% of the time, I’m sure there are times when I will like it. But the vertical stack is really easy to do, it doesn’t require a lot of sophistication to master it. The pieces should relate to each other in some way, color, scale, theme, but they don’t have to. I’m a fan of the bigger piece over the smaller piece. You can also use the stack with furniture, a great and easy look.

DSC_0733 My Home.  DSC_4919-3 My One Room Challenge.  DSCF4481 My Bachelor pad design, prints and painting.  DSCF78421 My Home 6 years ago, Cookies art work.  gFNSo Jared Seligman. 

gInQuyrBCmdfTWxoU9-9F3cLwWehxrIKWvtdsPUVx5MUxE1isMPUS_gn06ENYuqdmyflfBMeQbFpvesI9Lus9UNen1x06U_VG86i4qiHUdT83msGHiDkIEaO7tg4ZJ_hE1 main-22.original.980x550 Sasha Bikoff.  main-1.original.640x0c Jared Seligman. 

main-28.original Joyce Silverman.  main-49.original Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo. 

main.original.640x0c Jared Seligman.  main-69.original Harley Viera Newton.

main-56.original Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo.  main-75.original The Zhush. 

4. The Group: Like the stack. The key is the repetition. This works because uniformity and repetition are a decorator’s best friend. This almost always looks good. PS, cutting photos out of books and framing them all the same frame is an A+ way to achieve this. The photos MUST be framed and matted exactly the same, and relate to each other in order for this to work.

main-71.original The Zhush.  main-53.original Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo. 

5. The gallery wall. And last, the hardest of the bunch and the one everyone seems to want to do. The only circumstance in which I like a gallery wall is if it hits the floor to the ceiling. It’s got to be big to work. When it’s not grand enough, I feel like it tends to look cheap.

536ge Jared Seligman. 

DSC_4962-1 My One Room Challenge 
DSC_1147 My New Jersey Bedroom. 

And last but not least, the lean:

DSCF6519-1 My apartment.  DSCF6313 My apartment and my print.

Hope you guys find this helpful!
All these photos are all from my portfolio and some from before I started taking photos seriously! You can shop my work HERE, and you can always hit me up for sizing, framing and hanging questions!



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  1. Clicked over from Facebook for some picture hanging inspiration – how fun/was pleasantly surprised to see my (old) house featured! xo

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I could have done this post JUST using photos from your house. One of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done and you’re a master at hanging art! And everything else!