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I’m a little bit in love with the home of William Mclure, a southern designer and painter. First of all, its very traditional, which now seems fresh compared to all the Scandinavian simplicity we’ve been seeing, second, its really well appointed, and third it looks like a really great place to live. I love the mix of elements, the layering of art and books, the abundance of chairs and I’ve always been a major sucker for a dining table set up with books that way in the middle of the room.  William_Mclure_Apartment_02_07_2016_6568 1456078367968 William_Mclure_Apartment_02_07_2016_6681+(1) William_Mclure_Apartment_02_07_2016_6703 The bedroom, black, just the way I like it. A lot of the big abstracts are Williams own paintings… Love the way he combines textures and colors here…

1456711753821 1456711808320 I love this…  1456711838494 1456711863410 Painting hung above doorway, so chic.  1456711899454

This is the same living room, only painted red! I love seeing the way all the elements move around, and I friggin die for that sofa.

Interior Images of an apartment

Interior Images of an apartment

Interior Images of an apartment

Interior Images of an apartment

Interior Images of an apartment

All in all, I think it’s really sophisticated. And William is a young guy, I love the way he mixes in some modern elements and keeps the space fresh. I also love the feeling that rooms are constantly evolving, and changing and that the owner moves things around all the time. To me, thats the way a house is supposed to work. Its not supposed to be stagnant, stuck in the moment you signed your last check to your decorator. (Although, I do love seeing time capsules, so theres that!) but its supposed to constantly change as you change! Design is never done!

Photos via William Mclure, but I originally saw this on the lovely Coco + Kelly and just wanted to share with you too.

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  1. Mila @jestcafe says:

    yes! very nice house. That red room, so out of the ordinary. I love places like that.


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