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DESIGN HOTEL | Soho’s 11 Howard

11Howard5 The newly opened 11 Howard Hotel in Soho is a Scandinavian design wonderland. It’s on my very short list of hotels I have to visit this week, as in, it’s the only one. It was designed by designed by Danish studio Space Copenhagen, and there are art works tucked away in every corner. Hotel owner and art collector Aby Rosen curated works, many of them local, for every aspect of 11 Howard.

The hotel features one of Calder’s last mobiles ever,  a neon art piece by Dan Attoe, its own arts and co-working space, The Library, the work of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, commissioned ceramics by Katie Yang, and a specially commissioned silk mural by painter and fashion designer Holly Fowler.  Under the guidance of Jeff Koons local artists created a mural on the building’s southern wall. Space Copenhagen custom made the furniture for the hotel. The place is chic as anything…

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11 Howard is a member of Design Hotels and SPG.

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