IMG_6527 (1) Welcome back! Hope you all are having a great week! Last week I laid out some of my final fabric choices and nailed down the direction of the room. In a bedroom, fabrics in all their different forms are obviously super important.

Well, not ten minutes after I posted my ORC post, I find out that the Miles Redd for Schumacher Watercolor fabric I chose for the drapery was out of stock. (Of course, arriving the week after the ORC is over.) I scoured the internet for a replacement. I got ten samples hand delivered to me from the lovely folks at DecoratorsBest the next day. There was nothing I liked as much. Sooo, I popped on the M train over to the Garment District and did what anyone would do. I made some. I bought 5 yards of a heavy weight Belgian linen in a natural color, then I popped over to M&J Trimming and got 4 packs of Rit Dye: Denim Blue, Purple, Royal Blue, and Pearl Gray.

I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to use these drapes, because, who knows – they could turn out hideous. I originally had no intention of DIYing anything for this room. Because of the time constraints, I knew that if I didn’t use this fabric I would have to order new fabric ASAP. So I ended up DIYing these drapes in my kitchen on Thursday night, at like 9 pm after the kids were asleep. I had to get them done before I headed out for Passover!  As such, I have no beautiful bloggy pictures of the process, I just have some iPhone snaps that I was sending to Christine during the process.

The DIY is kind of intuitive, but here you go.

I have experience with RIT Dye, and I still constantly screw it up. Here is the deal, it will stain your hands, your clothes, anything it touches. Beware of that powder touching anything you care about. Use rubber gloves. Use a plastic drop cloth. Don’t be too cool, your hands will be blue for a week if you don’t, trust your blue handed friend.

IMG_6479 (1)

First, I boiled a tea kettles worth of water, and put a little bit of each powder into its own bowl.
Then I poured the water over it, creating the liquid dye.
I also wanted another color purple – more violet, less pink- so I made my own color by combining two after I started seeing how pink the other was.
I used a wide paint brush and made 12-16″ brushstrokes down the length of the fabric alternating colors without washing the brush. The drips and pulls are part of the look.
I let it dry over night.

IMG_6480 (1)

You can adjust how light or dark you want your colors to be by controlling the dye/water ratio, but also by controlling how long you let it sit with the dye and how you wash it afterward.  IMG_6494

I wanted the color to look more faded, so the next day I washed it with Dreft in the bathtub, twice.  IMG_6511 Then I ironed it.  IMG_6515

When I saw it in the room, we all fell in love.

IMG_6527 (1) IMG_6528 (1)

Woohoo! They are now at the tailor being sewn into drapes, because while I can DIY some things, I know my limits, and this is it. In other news, the rug from Karastan is arriving tomorrow, which will be a really big step toward completion. I also started to pull together bedding for the room… steph's-bed Lavender Matouk fitted sheets + Red Sferra pillowcases and flat sheet  – (PS is mixing sheets allowed?) and a Kelly Wearstler Coverlet.  I’m a very big fan of coverlets, this one is amazing, I think I’m going to buy it for my bedroom. The pillows are by Arianna Belle – though the Buffalo Check will be a long lumbar- and the Miles Redd deconstructed stripe red fabric will be the table skirt. I don’t think I’ve ever done a room with this much color before. Actually, I know I haven’t. Hope it works! Eeek!

And here is my original plan:


Pink Pillow Black Round Table | Z Chair | Headboard | Rug | Art | Lamp |Desk | Wallpaper

Check out all these other blogs to follow along with everyone – And check back on last weeks in case you missed it!

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  1. Cheri says:

    Looking good!!!! It’s really happening!!!

  2. Wow that is such a beautiful DIY!

  3. Love your painterly curtains….fabulous DIY!!

  4. I really like your fabric choices. The DIY drape fabric is gorgeous. Wish I was DIY talented. I guess I’ll just be hanging up a lace curtain in the guest room!

  5. I love this. Were you using dye on your marble countertop? This is all so dangerous with the possible staining. Glad it worked out.

  6. Damn….that hand painted fabric is everything!

  7. Lauren says:

    I wish I had your creativity!

  8. Brenda says:

    The drapes with your hand-painted fabric will be fabulous. I’m impressed!

  9. WOW love the drapes! Can’t wait to see them up!

  10. The fabric is incredible! Your creativity is so amazing!

  11. Gorgeous fabric! Such a beautiful DIY project!

    Cheers! xo Anna Lynn with Waiting on Martha

  12. I must say, I think your blue hands were worth it! Those drapes are gorgeous and one of a kind! Good for you for going for it! Can’t wait to see them up in the room!