Design History | Ettore Sottsass’s Bird House


Although Ettore Sottsass received his diploma in architecture in 1939, he is most famous for creating furniture and consumer products, founding the Memphis Milano design movement.  In 1966 he described himself as an “architect, interior designer, colourist, hypothetical and potential builder of villas, private houses, areas for rest, pleasure and distraction – poor designer of palaces and public assembly places, enemy of barracks, ministries, and centres of moralizing in general.”

Sottsass did design private homes and shops more towards the end of his career. One interesting house was the The Mourmans House, 1995-2002 in  Lanaken, Belgium. It was created for the architect and dealer Ernest Mourman’s and the house marries Mourman’s two loves: design and birds. “ He gave Sottsass the specific brief that his new home must be surrounded, or at least ‘almost entirely closed’ by an immense birdcage, that would be home to some twenty exotic fowl. Although in practice this would prove extremely difficult, Sottsass managed to fulfil the brief, creating a house encircled by interconnecting aviaries, from which it was possible to enjoy uninterrupted views of the birds from every room.”
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Beautiful isn’t it?
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