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I spent Friday afternoon perusing the AD Design Show with my art/design bestie Raquel Cayre… We mostly focused on the “Made” section of the show, which features over 150 artists and designers, local and emerging artisans in art, fine furniture, sculpture, textiles and lighting. Almost everyone I spoke to was based out of Brooklyn and hand making some pretty gorgeous things. “Art Furniture”. Basically, I was in indie furniture heaven, not least because…. CHAIRS! There were many many many lovely chairs for me to gape at. Some distinct trends emerged. Lighting is still heavily mid-century french inspired. Wood is blonde. Lines are clean and edgy. And marbles and stones reign supreme. If you look at yesterdays post, the aesthetic is consistent. Ok, here we go, some of my favorite moments at the AD Design Show.

Allied Maker  DSCF0296 Be still my beating heart. Banner Furniture. DSCF0341 Stefan Rurak made this ridiculously good looking black chair, I love it.
DSCF0326 Both the table and the chair are on fiyaaaa! Made by Luur. IMG_0017 Peg Woodworkings woven chairs were amazing.  DSCF0307 Woven cord chairs, Dust to Dust Furniture.  DSCF0347 Also one of my favorite chairs ever, these guys by Dane Co. Holy crap.  IMG_0094 Alex Drew And No One 
IMG_0032 Jerry Nance: IMG_0092 Holy hell, hand sewn leather. Made by MFGR. DSCF0343 I surrender. Obsessed with the lines on these pieces by Yucca Stuff. DSCF0338 DSCF0334

Bower is as always, the king of the mirror scene. Notice the trend toward oval shapes?  IMG_0018 IMG_0024 Me in a Bower mirror, and no I did know one pant leg was rolled up.  IMG_0020 These Granny shoes are all over the fashion blogs. Thoughts?  IMG_0011 IMG_0037 Louise Gray: DSCF0304 Nils Berg Furniture  DSCF0315 WhoRe Haus Studio
IMG_0006 Fort Standard killing it.  IMG_0014 Ben + Aja Blanc IMG_0007 By Debra Folz IMG_0026 Lost the source! Sorry!  IMG_0037 Kaufman Mercantile, this delicisous little leather bowl inspired by native american leather crafts.   IMG_0041 Their chair: IMG_0044 Fuck it. Obviously bought two of these from Various Projects: IMG_0046 A_to_B Studio designed these sweet little standing mirrors.  IMG_0088 Fort Standard lighting game – see also the wood table and round gold mirror.  IMG_0091 KGBL, they also are the brand in the first photo:  DSCF0289 DSCF0292 Luke Lamp Company  DSCF0311

Hope you enjoyed, and I hope I introduced you to some new small companies! I encourage you to click through and see all their lovely stuff. Don’t be intimidated! Have a great day everyone.

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