2016 | New Horizons


Hola! Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start. This mornings 6:45 wake up hit me like a ton of bricks, I’ll tell ya! Anyway, I’m excited to start fresh, it’s such an arbitrary day to decide to undertake new things, but it works! My personal resolutions are to go back to working out 4x a week, and lose the 15 lbs of baby weight – he is now 8 mos old! It’s time!- and to procrastinate less, because procrastinating leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to procrastinating.  DSCF9998 (2)

Professionally, I’m looking to shoot more creative spaces for Sketch, and the various other publications I work for. I want to do more quick home tours and shoots, expose more art, artists, cool brands, makers… the works. I’m currently taking submissions – Email submissions@sketch42blog.com to submit your work, home, designs, brand etc. You can submit your own photos, or I’ll come shoot it!


I’m also ready to take on more photography jobs – both interiors and fashion, starting February, January is all booked up ;) Email Nicole@sketch42blog.com

Hope you all have had a happy and healthy break, and are ready to kick some ass with me in 2016! Literally cannot believe its 2016, I still think 1990 was ten years ago.



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  1. Tery Stimis Boisson says:

    Luv luv these photos-beautiful!!! Looking forward to seeing what’s next, your blog always has such interesting content

  2. i TOTALLY think 1990 was 10 years ago!

  3. Dallas!!! I need you!!!