Restoration Hardware Modern.

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This month, design behemoth Restoration Hardware rolled out two new concepts, Restoration Hardware Teen, and Restoration Modern, which to quote RH’s CEO Gary Friedman, is an entirely new business. As higher ups at RH were building modern homes across the country, the team realized there was no good store to source an entire home of modern furniture.

They then began to delve deeper, and concluded that the design world is heading toward the modern. (Obviously?) Driving these trends are millennials coming of age, the trend toward urban living, architecture and technology driven design aesthetic pervading the public consciousness and “the dead.”  “The largest trends in home design are driven by the dead,” says Friedman ” That’s right, generations pass away and their possessions go into estate sales which feed the antique markets which feed the high-end design trade which feed the reproduction market and trickle down from there.”

I was once told that every generation falls in love with the aesthetic of their grandparents. Everything from the midcentury is obviously very VERY desirable right now.

RH has enlisted a host of designers “artisans” as they called them, to interpret “modern” for the twenty first century. “Modern is how we want to live now,” one of them says in a short video about the concept. The list includes Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner of Marmol Radziner, Soleimani, and the Condoses, Jonathan Browning of San Francisco, L.A.’s Thomas Bina, Anthony Cox of Ho Chi Minh City, and New Yorkers Thomas O’Brien, Vicente Wolf, Barlas Baylar, and Aerin Lauder. RH Modern is also reinterpreting and reissuing suave 1950s Milo Baughman pieces.

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These photos are from their impeccable 500+ page catalog. (Catalogs always hook me!) They will also be dedicating acres of square footage to the new line, including the entire first floor of the Flatiron store, and a stand alone store in LA.

I have mixed feelings about the line. First, I read this somewhere on the  internet this week- a pedigree designer showed a photo of his published work from the 80’s, featuring a unique antique table. The table is now everywhere because RH knocked it off, he said. Another designer commented “Real designers don’t use Restoration Hardware.” I mean, I disagree, to some extent… but I understand the sentiment here.

I mostly think this will be an amazing place to source sofas- those sectionals look impeccable, lighting, hardware, things like giant simple mirrors – so hard to find! Obviously anyone  in the know has more resources, and can easily source more unique things at better prices etc, but sometimes there is no reason to bother when big box stores do just the trick.

The teen line:

TN15_174_flynn_lounge TN15_008_avalon_study TN15_152_cargo_lounge TN15_150_bowen_bedroom TN15_068_callum_canopy_white TN15_148_vox_bedroom TN15_016_zadie_tufted TN15_008_avalon_study


While I think the styling on this teen catalog is a little much, and a little too Pottery Barn Teen (not knocking it, just bought these beds for the kids from there, and they are GREAT! But these are not Pottery Barn prices!) There are some nice pieces here. Mostly,  the 4 poster beds, and the campaign sofas too. I’m really into the beds.

Anyway, You can check them out. Modern and Teen.  I also have to add, that there is no reason to EVER buy this stuff full price. They have 20% off sales every other week. I think everyone knows this, but just in case.Rh is kind of a baffling company, isn’t it?

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Nicole – you are freakin killing it . L O V E. This and Jen shalom house . O B S E S S E D. And thank you.

  2. RH always looks lovely in photos but in person there is a soul-less-ness to it. Or maybe that’s just in my head?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I was contemplating their “slope arm sofa” for two years, I would make up my mind to buy it, go to the store, and chicken out. So maybe?

      I think they make some nice things, and I’ve seen designers use them in easy breezy ways, but yes, there is definitely more “soul” to be had in the world, especially at that price, if you go with smaller brands or actual real vintage. Depends on what you buy, I guess.

      One thing I love are those giant circle mirrors they make. Those are hard to find, and very chic!