An Exclusive Look | Celerie Kemble’s Playa Grande


Remember seeing Celerie Kemble’s Dominican Republic dreamscape in last month’s AD? A magical resort of 13 bungalows that she designed on 2,000 acres along a stretch of sand called Playa Grande? It’s a pastellica heaven that looks like it’s made of celadon icing and Chantilly lace. After AD published them, I just wanted to see MORE? Know what I mean? I knew Patrick Cline had shot the resort for Celerie months before, and we got the thumbs up to share all his never-before-seen photos of Playa Grande on the blog! I’ve been so excited to share this with you all, and I could hardly narrow it down from the hundred Patrick sent over to me! He’s posted them all on his portfolio site, I really recommend clicking through to see em! No one shoots ethereal-dreamy like Patrick! Pull up a chair, and get your pinning fingers out!

Hope you enjoy this exclusive look as much as I did! Major thanks to Celerie and Patrick for sharing them with us! Can this be my next vacation please?

PC38c13-R01-009 PC38c21-R01-010 PC38c19-R01-002 PC38c20-R01-002 PC38c23-R01-001 PC38c20-R01-004 PC38c22-R01-006 PC38c15-R01-001 PC38c18-R01-001 PC38c15-R01-008 PC38c16-R01-010 PC38c14-R01-008 PC38c14-R01-006 PC38c23-R01-006 PC38c19-R01-010 PC38c12-R01-006 PC38c11-R01-011 PC38c11-R01-005 PC38c11-R01-010 PC38c23-R01-004 PC38c10-R01-001 PC38c09-R01-004 PC38c10-R01-010 PC38c08-R01-008 PC38c06-R01-002 PC38c05-R01-004 PC38c05-R01-002 PC38c04-R01-010 PC38c06-R01-008 PC38c04-R01-009 PC38c03-R01-005 PC38c04-R01-007 PC38c02-R01-005 PC38c04-R01-004 PC38c03-R01-009 PC38c02-R01-009 PC38c02-R01-008 PC38c01-R01-006 DSCF1363 PC38c02-R01-003 IMG_3973 IMG_3623 DSCF1521 DSCF1381 DSCF1505 DSCF1425 PC38c22-R01-007

Photos by Patrick Cline for Celerie Kemble. Learn more about the Playa Grande Beach Club HERE.

Amazing, right?

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  1. marielle says:

    ahhh…paradise. i want to move here

  2. Kaye says:


  3. So this is what heaven looks like!
    I’m in love!

  4. dah! i just posted an image from this place last week on my weekend links, and now you have a whole freakin tour. man, i love celerie kemble. and patrick too ;) xo

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I know! When I saw it in AD, I emailed P and was like…. didn’t you shoot the shit out of that place? YES, yes he did! She’s a freaking wonder!

  5. What a setting in paradise. I love every single room and Celerie truly knows what she likes. I understand my friend Terri found a lot of the wicker pieces for her!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Brad Oliphant

  6. yes! amazing. thanks for sharing. loved seeing this again!