The Vanderpump Rules Grease Lightening Shoot.


I’ve been hate watching Vanderpump Rules for the past 3 seasons, and only half paying attention. Hate watching and half watching- because a seething intense loathing for Stassi made it hard for me to focus on anything else. But the other night on WWHL, the night after the Oscars, Andy Cohen said that Vanderpump Rules was the best show on TV and he enjoyed it more than The Oscars. And I just thought, you know what? So did I. How could people be less self aware? How is this real? But how could it be fake? Unlike all the Housewife shows, with fake vacations and staged scavenger hunts, the SUR situation seems mostly real. Sure, they cast Vail to bring drama, and Stassi was hanging on like a college age kid who still hangs out at the local high school, but watching Kristin progressively lose her mind? Watching Stassi be rejected and fade into obscurity? That shit seemed real. And I LOVED IT. (Sidenote: I also watch Atlanta Housewives, and I have never EVER seen something more revolting than the way Cynthia and “Team Pretty” tried to confront Phaedra about “cheating” on her husband this week. First of all, who kicks a woman when the father of her children just got sent to prison for 8 years. Second, She filed for divorce. She openly hates him. She had body guards protecting her. That’s not what I call “cheating” in the traditional sense. And who would believe Apollo anyway, dude’s a lying sack of dumb. And THIRD, back the eff up ladies. Bunch of cats. It’s evil to derive so much GLEE in someone else’s misery. Crazy Kenya, this isn’t about you, although you seem OBSESSED with the Phaedra/Apollo marriage. OK, moving on, just had to get this off my chest.)

Anyway, for the annual photo shoot, the kids *they are all in their late 20s/30s* did a greaser theme at the Pink Motel, and I loved it. What a dummy Stassi is for not styling it. That could have been amazingly fun! I think everyone should wear 50’s clothes all the time. Especially Ariana, Tom and James. I’m actually shocked that the photos include SUR staff who aren’t on the show. Anyway, I thought it was fun to see!

vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-24 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-23 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-21 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-20 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-16-1 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-12 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-08 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-07 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-04 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-03 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-02 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-19 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-06 vanderpump-rules-season-3-pink-motel-32-1

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  1. stephanie says:

    Kristen unraveling before my eyes is the highlight of my weeks

  2. marielle says:

    what steph said ^^^^ also yes i agree tom arianna and james should adopt this wardrobe !

  3. bri says:

    Just curious what your thoughts on the whole Tom cheating rumor is? My guess is Kristin made up the whole thing and that crazy chic went along with it to get on TV.

    I hate love this show!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Eh, I think he probably did it. BUT so what? Ariana clearly doesn’t care/believes him – or they handled and dealt with it off camera. Even if he did have sex w her, does that give her the right to come harass him in his place of work? She flies across the country and says “we had sex.” AND? SO? I haven’t been single in like ten years, but last I checked, having a one night stand with someone doesn’t mean you are OWED anything. What did she actually WANT from him? Just to embarrass him? Oh yea, and screen time.

      If I were him I would get a restraining order against Kristin and Miami Girl. I thought Lisa was wrong in not backing Tom up when he left the restaurant. I don’t blame him for being scared. These ladies are NUTS.

  4. I just watched it yesterday and I’m with you on all of it. And I’m slightly obsessed with this shoot to be honest. I think they all look annoyingly amazing.

  5. LUV

  6. I randomly saw these pics on Pinterest and had to comment! I hate watch Vanderpump Rules too. This show is so good/bad! And the new season is starting so soon. I obviously will be paying closer attention to your thoughts on this show :) xo Elizabeth Midgett | Midgett Bardot