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RTG_1147 I think I spend 22/24 hours a day at home. I’m pushing up on 8 months now and the city is covered with black ice. That doesn’t make for a very nimble lady. It also doesn’t make for a very inspired blog. I do best when I feel vital and alive, part of the world! Connected with nature! I guess I’m just saying I’m ready for spring, actual birth and rebirth, sunshine on my face, the feeling of breaking a sweat (oh how I miss you)! A social life that doesn’t revolve around real housewives. Creative, emotional and physical renewal. Don’t think I’m alone on this one, the city is teaming with “fuck winter” sentiments. The ONLY perk of pregnancy, is that I literally do not feel cold. EVER.

Anyway, it probably seems like I’ve been shooting lots for Domaine and stuff, but I’ve been pacing myself and really take it slow so I don’t burn out. At least 3-4 days a week I hardly go outside. For real. I read books. I take baths. I read books in baths. I edit photos. I send emails. I make coffee. I read blogs. Today I woke up and decided to take some photos around the apartment. I shot the living room situation, but I can’t remember if I ever posted all the little knick knacks that I’ve acquired since then. I know I’ve put some of em up on my instagram. Anyway, here are some casual, loose photos around the house. I’m working on redoing 2 kids rooms, so hopefully that will be good blog fodder ;) I miss designing rooms.  RTG_1284 (1) Coke Print, also part of my Absurdist Summer book.

RTG_1149 Love this book Purienne, if you like ethereal naked women, get it. The cup is by a favorite potter of mine Ben Medansky, I love him and want everything he makes. The white bowl is from Coming Soon NY.  Ash tray in the first photo is Alexander Wang btw.

RTG_1244 Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

RTG_1277 Artsy fartsy.

RTG_1190 This pestle and mortar is the stuff of DREAMS. From Calvin Klein Home. It’s actually a pretty good price, considering.

RTG_1279 I made this bowl. Deck of cards.

RTG_1336 Old bag.

RTG_1342 Polaroids are in bowls everywhere in my house.

RTG_1348 This CB2 vase pitcher is an instant classic. Looks way more $ than the $50 or so dollars it costs.

RTG_1355 Rotten bananas hang in my kitchen and I love them.

RTG_1358 This painting still lives at home with me.

RTG_1363 I busted out mud cloth pillows from my trip to Africa when Erin wrote about them. 

RTG_1384 I don’t know why more people don’t buy these two prints. They are two of my favorites. I sell 10x more Adidas prints, which you know, is cool and all… But I love these?

RTG_1362 Bench holds me books.

RTG_1357 Cameras. 

RTG_1209 Printed photo from my Trespass series on top of the Rob Meyers book, Behind Closed Doors which is a VERY loose and cool book of interiors. LOVE that kind of shooting, but I think I could do it better, excuse the hubris. That Uta Barth book is a major favorite of mine. She did a whole series of gorgeous photos from inside her house. Maybe I should take note! Ha!

RTG_1188 More of that freakin mortar and pestle. It’s amazing isn’t it. I don’t actually use it, I bought it on a styling trip with Nikki of Bespoke Interiors (follow @bespokeinteriordesignnyc) We bought it for the project and then both loved it and got for ourselves! We also LOVED this mortar and pestle from Crate and Barrel. It’s Legit. That one I actually use. Taco Tuesdays!

Aight, thats all for now! I guess if I have to be trapped inside, this aint a bad place to be, It does make me happy to futz around over here ;)

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I laughed my butt off after I perused the CK site & saw the price of the mortar & pestle, after you mentioned that it was a, “pretty good price”! I know you’re dead serious, but, you are too funny!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Lol. Seen a lot of expensive design stuff in my day, I was expecting it to cost double to triple. It weighs a ton!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Where did you purchase the square acrylic painting? I love it.