Photographer Frederik Vercruysse shot this 1950’s modernist house in Saint-Forget, France. It was designed by André Wogenscky, a noted architect who worked with Le Corbusier for 20 years. I LOVE how this photographer shoots interiors, in general, and this shoot is so nicely done. I’ve mentally filed this away for future use. In fact, I actually shot a house after seeing this, and I definitely called upon these images when shooting ;)

140130_orig_saint-forget114544bw_001 140130_orig_saint-forget114384bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114426bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114376bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114477bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114504bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114584bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114617bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114341bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114321bw 140130_orig_saint-forget114315bw cf114656bw

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  1. carla Berger says:

    I agree…beautifully shot. Love the angles!

  2. marielle says:

    so cool! i could totally live here. NO CHOCHKIES WHATSOEVER!

  3. Cristina Hadzi says: