grammy Ready to talk about the Grammys? Can we talk about that Sam Smith won a million awards for a song that is pretty blatantly (and admitted by him) a rip off of Tom Petty? It’s a great song, YES. But if you’re paying 12% royalties to Tom Petty, is it really yours? I mean. I dunno. Can we also talk about how much Annie Lennox killed it? She literally put a spell on me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and rewound that shit 3 or 4 times. MY GOD. That was awesome. Best performance of the night, in my book.

See also Rhianna? Who made Kanye and Paul McCartney feel completely superfluous? Didn’t Pharrel perform Happy last year? Or am I imagining it? Why was he dressed as a Bell Hop? Prince came out looking like your 80 year old grandmother down in Boca. But Prince can do whatever he wants. Oh also Kanye needs to shut up. Beyonce is fab and all. But SHUT UP dude. I also think it’s kind of sad that Rock and Roll is dying a slow death. Every band nominated for Best Rock Album is at least 10-20+ years old. (I guess the newer bands fall into Alternative now?)  Did they just nominate that U2 album because it was there? Cause eek. Awww. Whatever.

On to the Fashion.

Rhianna can come dressed as a princess cupcake and look cool. That’s just a fact.  463019462.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Taylor Swift who IS a cupcake princess in real life, wore this thing and I really liked it! FYI, you should all know that Taylor Swift is Cookie’s favorite and I have 1989 on repeat in every room in my house for most of the evening.

Kim’s outfit is 3 sizes too big. Love the hair though.  463019190.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

And this is what she looks like without the right lighting: 463019588.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Miley, Hot Damn. Now this is a Grammys Look!  463018100.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Haim, I want to rip that white pants suit right off your body. So chic  and rock and roll.  463010694.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Nikki Minaj, you’re a fabulous boss ass bitch.  463015216.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

I want to say Madonna can do whatever she wants, like Prince. But alas. She cannot. Put your butt cheeks away, you are too established to need dumb stunts and fishnets. STOP IT.  463009338_10.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x 463011838.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Loving Katy Perry. I want a nose ring. I also loved how she looked when she performed. 463015008_10.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Sia, you’re very very fab. And your little dancer is awesome.  463013722.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

I like this look on Iggy, even the braid.  463017826.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Do you guys remember that season of Project Runway, when that Kara lady made that jumpsuit track suit that fell apart on the runway and LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THIS? UGH.  463012592.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Jenny Lewis. Rock star.  463013866.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

I love this on Gwen. I loathed her duet though.  463012374.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Katherine Mcphee. She looks so uncomfortable, doesn’t she?

Rita Ora, very nice.  463016832.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Ahhhh, my favorite. Every time I do these recaps, I look for Jane Fonda. Because she is the best.  463017536.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

I love this on Bey. The long hair, I really like it with this. She looked lovely as she moved too.  463018110.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Nicole Kidman looks so respectable. Like an UES mom going to the Grammy’s. But still lovely? 463019048.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

This is the first time I’ve liked how she looks on a red carpet.  463017036.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

BLEONA! LOL. Did you watch any part of that Euros show on Bravo? If you did, you would know that Bleona is TOTALLY the Madonna of Albania.  463020302.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

I included this, Elton Castee, well, because look at the leg hair!  463009570.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

I generally thought everyone looked good though! And that its so nice to see fun clothes as opposed to the safe stuff we see at the other award shows, right? Thoughts?

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  1. i posted only jane fonda today because she made everyone look amateur. i thought taylor’s dress was pretty and perfect on her. and 1989 is also on repeat in our house as well. i go to bed singing something from that album every night. kanye is a superdouche. acdc kicked so much goddamn ass. annie lenox stole the show and finally anna kendrick looked good. for once.

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    She shut it DOWN. Like you said. For real.

    Kanye needs to just shut the ef up. He sounded like shit too. Get over yourself dude.