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In NYC we have “The Apartment by The Line” in Copenhagen they have “The Apartment.” Both are concept stores that sell furniture and art, but in a setting set up like a functioning home. The Apartment’s wares are showcased in the elegant setting of an 18th century apartment in Christianshavn, in the heart of Copenhagen, which was handsomely restored by founders Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver. They deal in  20th century furniture, contemporary art and design. They also do private consulting on art and design. Below are photos of all the different incarnations of The Apartment. As pieces filter in and out, the shop changes. So cool and fun to look at. Clean whites as a backdrop for a rotating collection of art and design is always a great thing.

Hope you enjoy!

RUM_Hemma_theApartment-13096-326x490 RUM_Hemma_theApartment-13058-326x490 X0Q7221_web-653x490-1 X0Q7214_web-653x490 X0Q7235_web-653x490 X0Q7221_web-653x490 apt10-719x490 apt9-653x490 apt8-661x490 apt6-658x490 T1P0683-734x490 apt2-653x490 the-apartment-concept-store-700x1050 the-apartment-concept-store-7-700x1077 the-apartment-concept-store-6-700x466 the-apartment-concept-store-5-700x1050 the-apartment-concept-store-4-700x1046 the-apartment-concept-store-3-700x527 the-apartment-concept-store-2-700x516 the-apartment-concept-store-1-700x1050 IMG_8345-735x490 front4 frontnov


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  1. Wow, so beautiful, harmonieus!

  2. so smart. makes me want to buy everything. for starters that quilted pink sofa and that square mid century coffee table. and alllllllllllll the rugs.

  3. what a nice idea-i wonder if it helps or hurts the sell