California Cool.

C-Magazine-DeRuiter30681-1-gallery-1024x751 Anyone else bored as F*CK of talking about the holidays? Me too. But, I’m headed off to LA for 10 days and I’m super duper psyched! (LA FRIENDS, I’m a comin’!) I’m also knee deep into season 2 of Sons of Anarchy, which you know, California. (Can we talk about that show for a minute? Is it actually a GOOD show? I think not. So far. It’s entertaining, but it’s bordering on parody to me. Thoughts anyone?) So yea, I’m about to go buy MORE holiday gifts and I’m literally California Dreaming about the midcentury home of  stylist Jessica de Ruiter and sculptor/designer Jed Lind’s in Silverlake. It’s pretty lovely. Let’s just go there.

DeRuitter03courtCMYK3-gallery-1024x784 C-Magazine-DeRuiter30644-gallery-1024x696 C-Magazine-DeRuiter30634-gallery-2000x3000-682x1024 DeRuitter02court-gallery-1024x740 DeRuitter01court_2-gallery-682x1024 8-Le-Fashion-Blog-Fashionable-Home-Jessica-De-Ruiter-Mid-Century-Modern-Silver-Lake-Bedroom-Via-C-Home C-Magazine-DeRuiter30625-2000x3000-682x1024 6-Le-Fashion-Blog-Fashionable-Home-Jessica-De-Ruiter-Mid-Century-Modern-Silver-Lake-Travertine-Bathroom-Via-C-Home 5499_full MG_6298 jessica-de-ruiter-tuxedo-jacket-h724 jessica-de-ruiter-chair-h724 IMG_2266-1400x933 MG_5843

Top 8 photos are by Douglas Freedman for C HOME, the rest are from various other blogs, Dreams and Jeans, the Hive. Etc.

See ya soon LA!

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  1. I’m headed for LA too! yay for warmer weather!

    Jessica’s house is literally my dream home; I don’t think I’d change a thing!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Were lucky, its been not so cold here! But yes, PALM TREES! WOOHOO.

  2. Have so much fun!! Dying to see your photos of Sue’s home!! I need to come to NY asap!

  3. Tricia says:

    Agreed the SOA seems a bit like a parody, but am trying to withhold judgement since I’ve only seen the first few episodes!

  4. Whoa. Just another reason to move to California.

  5. Hi
    Have good times take care
    I wish you the utmost best
    From Craig

  6. yum i want to live there