Male Monday | Man Buns.

enhanced-16430-1414735070-25 Because it’s Monday and hot damn if I want to do any intellectual probing at all. Instead: HOLY MAN BUNS! Obviously, I love this. I got David to grow out his beard after I posted about them, maybe I can get him to get on the man-bun band-wagon!? HA.  The Man Bun works in the opposite way of the beard – in my opinion. Beards make ordinary men look WAYYYY more attractive… defines a jaw line, conveys masculinity, and basically hides ugliness. Man Buns make guys who are too pretty look LESS attractive, which is in turn, more attractive to women. You feel me? The man bun is not for the ordinary dude. Welcome to the age of the LumberSexual.

Anyway, your welcome ladies.

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Images via Fuck Yeah, Men with Buns.

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  1. there was a dude who waited on us at Saturdays this weekend and he had the most amazing man bun i have ever seen. I wonder who does his color….

  2. Marielle says:

    i love it !

  3. I *almost* can’t believe there is a tumblr called F*ck Yeah Men With Buns!~

  4. Rustin C. says:

    They’re all models and actors. Are we really chalking up their appeal to a junior ponytail?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha! No, its also the beards ;) JK, we can still marvel at it, even if its kind of – YES, good looking people are good looking- duh!


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