#CelebratePeople | Chauncey Tanton

DSC_6402 I thought it would be cool to profile people with interesting lives, hobbies, careers. We recently spent a day out in Newport with Chauncey Tanton, a Native Newporter, former professional snowboarder, and now the Finance Manager for newportFILM. Chauncey’s life looks like something out of a Grey Goose commercial. He’s been spending the past 4 years restoring a wooden schooner originally designed and hand built by his dad, a yacht designer himself. The boat is still waiting on masts and sails to be completed. Chauncey also spent 5 months on an expedition through the Arctic’s fabled North West Passage while filming the Emmy Award winning documentary The Other Side of the Ice.

This is so Newport and so far removed from my life, that I think it’s magical! The vintage Mercedes wagon, the sweaters, the beautiful dogs, and of course, that gorgeous gorgeous boat! Our favorite Newport native and Sketch contributor Courtney Velasco shot Chauncey in his element for us to enjoy. PS. Man candy.

Chauncey’s whole life’s aesthetic is pretty lovely. His tumblr and instagram are incredibly beautiful, so definitely check those babies out.

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Shot by Courtney Velasco for Holding Court & Sketch42.

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  1. alyse says:

    cool..how did you meet him?

  2. Love! This project is great!! I’ve been talking about doing something like this down in South Florida. It’s all about celebrating people living authentic lives with passion and purpose. The photos are AMAZING ladies!! So proud of you Court! Thanks for being such a fabulous friend to her Nicole. And of course, the man candy is always appreciated. ;)