Marni Animal House.

ANTICAMERA_05_15 This blog post is the holy grail of posts – amazing photography of art and furniture, made by a fashion line with charity and good will sprinkled in to boot. Marni Animal House is a project that Marni put together for the Salone Del Mobile 2014 installation. It’s a  caravansary of giraffes, ostriches, rabbits, ducks, donkeys and flamingos peppered with those amazing chairs, of course. God, how I love those chairs. The collection celebrates asymmetry and the delight in the different combinations. Notice that some of the chairs have 2 arm rests, some one, some none. They can be combined in different ways. Jeez, I really really wish I had a summer home to put those chairs in. Like, for real.

All the pieces are hand made by a group of Columbian women out of metal and PVC. The women gain independence and emancipation through this work. Marni has an online Magazine, called ANTICAMERA, and the new issue is dedicated to Animal House, narrating the story of the women who contributed to the project. The photos against those amazing walls are from ANTICAMERA and shot by a Columbian photographer named Mauricio Rivera. I absolutely ADORE those photos. I love everything about them. How they aren’t straight, how they are shot in the sun and super saturated. How people are walking in and out of some of them. SO good.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Associazione Sogni Onlus, an association helping terminally ill children.


ANTICAMERA_05_24 ANTICAMERA_05_22 ANTICAMERA_05_20 ANTICAMERA_05_19 ANTICAMERA_05_18 ANTICAMERA_05_17 ANTICAMERA_05_13 ANTICAMERA_05_12 ANTICAMERA_05_11 ANTICAMERA_05_10 ANTICAMERA_05_9 ANTICAMERA_05_8 ANTICAMERA_05_7 ANTICAMERA_05_6 ANTICAMERA_05_5 ANTICAMERA_05_4 ANTICAMERA_05_3 ANTICAMERA_05_2 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood14 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood13 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood12 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood11 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood10 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood09 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood07 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood05 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood04 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood03 animal_house-Marni-installation-viale-umbria_delood01




01-animal-house-marni-donkey-small Marni-Animal-House Marni-Salone-del-Mobile-2014 Marni-6

So good.


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  1. Bri says:

    Those animal sculptures are pretty great. I would love a donkey or rabbit! Could be the new sheep statue trend? And for a great cause!

  2. Michelle says:

    Any tips on HOW to buy one of these chairs? I also sent an email inquiry to Marni (not sure if I’ll get a response). Not only do I want to support this group of Colombian women, but the chairs are beyond awesome, in style and in color. Any leads? Feel free to email me. Thank you for sharing.