10424681_1426775600941959_60414359_n Scratch everything, this is my new favorite instagram account. Justina Blakeney makes these delightful flower faces. And they all have their own personalities and moods. It’s so cute and awesome. Like the above “She was born in the wrong decade. #facethefoliage” HA. Prints are available on Society6. That first one has my hair, and attitude. 

10514026_1464384197142310_1462172712_n I’ve grown to love my #naturalhair #facethefoliage 928587_1471585413079690_1234785572_n 10326398_1466839310225494_200863696_n She was always a dreamer. #facethefoliage 10413049_820951851250032_1030734053_n 10431863_777466165609023_290940746_n 10483363_1425214811093073_1693756201_n 10507996_248968995296831_1922123200_n 10508045_681515545252910_1202707715_n 10369486_397934693678052_755135201_n
They told her that her art was not marketable, which only motivated her even more. 10488628_660200810731646_848230753_n Everyone had warned her not to bleach her hair.#facethefoliage


Have a great day!

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  1. i have been following her for a few months for this very thing. genius. wish i had thought of it first.