Ceramacist Ben Mendansky.

The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-20-1 You know how Instagram’s popular page is no longer a collection of random women’s cleavage and photos of shoes? Well it “suggested” to me a photo based on other photos I’ve liked – and the photo was of one of Ben Mendansky’s ridiculously cool ceramic vases. Ummmmhmmm, I fell down the rabbit hole of his site and press and promptly bought a few pieces – I cant resist a badass sculpture vase, now can I?
Ben is 25 years old, and lives in LA. After studying ceramics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ben apprenticed for Peter Shire, one of the key members of the Memphis design group. You know I love a good Memphis. He struck out on his own a year ago with a more understated approach. He adds and subtracts simple geometric shapes from vessels made with his signature white speckled clay. His latest collection has lots of radial fins and lapels spiraling out of cups and vessels. His coffee mugs start at $60. I bought a few, and I may just use them as little bud vases. His work is mostly one of a kind, and reasonably priced for objets d-art. Cant wait to get mine! 

The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-16-1 The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-12-1 The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-9-1 The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-8-1 The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-7-1 The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-4.2 The-Ceramicist-An-Interview-With-Ben-Medansky-22 one_kings_lane_ben_finished one_kings_lane_ben_drying one_kings_lane_ben_tools one_kings_lane_ben_vase one_kings_lane_ben_bowl one_kings_lane_ben_working

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.18.36 AM ben-mendansky-740x4 ben-medansky-cup ben-medansky-cup2 medansky_1024x1024

‘Morning wood’ coffee cup above makes me laugh! Check it all out on BenMendansky.com!



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  1. Craig says:

    Great stuff!
    Great going Ben! I’m glad everything’s going perfect for you
    Good mugs eh! Nicole
    Morning wood made me laugh too! Nicole’s spot on. Nicole knows where it’s at Right there Ben right there!
    From Craig goodbye thanks for showing me the potters gear. WOW!

  2. Craig says:

    Nicole if you get to, check out http://www.nikifeijen.com
    He Flys about searching out abandoned spots and photographs them
    I presumed you may like, if you didn’t already know.
    From Craig

  3. alyse says:

    Cool i love these