Trespass + The New Avery Boardman!

avery boardman trespass I feel like every single week this year has been cooler than the next! Shooting amazing spaces and discovering new designers! Art parties! Interviews! Being interviewed! Great press! Cool collabs! One kings lane! This year has been a whirlwind of fun + art + lots and lots of hard work!

Last night I got to celebrate the relaunch of the Avery Boardman showroom at the D&D building, re-designed by my two faves Jennifer and Georgie of J+G Design. Almost a year ago, J+ G asked me if I would contribute the photography for the showroom. This was before I had ever sold a single print, or even entertained the idea of it! We didn’t really get rolling on picking the art until November, and at that point I had just shot my first collab with Patrick Cline, Trespass. Once they saw Trespass, they were like – this is it! It was perfect for their color scheme and they just got it. Woohoo!

Big huge congrats to everyone involved, Jennifer and Georgie, Dennis, THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to see this printed and hanging! I know some people dont get it (does she own a pool company, someone asked?) but its probably my favorite thing that I’ve ever shot to date! The showroom looks beautiful.

Super thanks to Pat for being such an awesome collaborator! Oh, and you can see the whole Trespass series HERE. 

avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass avery boardman trespass

Oh and I cant not include this AMAZING iPad sketch of me that artist J David Mckenney did of me at the event last night because it’s my new favorite thing ever.  Sketch 2014-05-06 21_51_26 Hope you all have a great day! I’m en route to LA for Legends of La Cienega as we speak!


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  1. Craig says:

    That’s great Nicole
    I’m certain everyone is behind your endeavours as am I
    Best of luck with it all, be good
    From Craig

  2. Bri says:

    Wow those really look great in each space! Congratulations Nicole! Have fun in California!

  3. Cheri says:

    Nic. Your truly an inspiration!!! So proud!!!! You go girl!!! Looks amazing!!!

  4. Dennis Scully of Avery Boardman is one of my favorite people in the industry. He’s done such an amazing job and genius to include your work. I need to make a trip to the D&D this week to see it all for myself. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday! Cheers

  5. I love how all your photos look paired in these spaces! COngrats!