LOO All winter long, Patrick has been working on this “Loo” series that he’s posting on instagram. Not only do I love it, but I’ve been trying to join in all year with my own Loo photos. He just shakes his head and laughs. How fuking cool is this series? What would be really meta would be if someone would hang them in a bathroom. Like the first photo of the faucet, and the toilet…. as a pair, in a bathroom. In the immortal words of Paris Hilton, That’s hot.

loo loo loo loo loo loo LOO LOO

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  1. These are awesome. The last two kill me. Xo

  2. Craig says:

    The Lego figure looks good on the road and peering into a bottle when I gave some thought to it I see now it’s quite interesting and fun too!
    Wow about your neighborhood what a great experience it must have been, celebration eye opener
    There’s difficulties commenting directly from the above post page it won’t respond as those pages do not exist sort of thing?
    Very good Nicole I enjoy your posts very much indeed and your OK out and about that’s great
    From Craig

  3. And here I thought I was the only one inspired by bathroom angles! These are gorgeous. You know, you’re kind of a captivated audience while in that room.. ;-)