The ripped photo.

a978bd14130fbbf2-299clintonst1720web Love that art. That ripped looking photo back there. Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it, and I can’t not want to copy the idea. Does anyone know whose work that is?

cef6ad3b2e523c15-299clintonst1686webThe whole space is pretty amazing too. Found via Coco + Kelly, design by Blair Harris Interior Design, photos by Jessica Glynn.

049c286fd3243c29-299clintonst1661web 221c52326de15b1c-299clintonst1591web 59f534bf4eb322a8-299clintonst1621web PageImage-486977-3675855-blairharris9027web Happy sunday night.


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  1. Craig says:

    Your sketch before this with you snapping away frantically at squares was fine If I could just find some from around here in Cornwall and show them to you There’s an old fashioned cinema down the street that spears as though we were stepping back in time If I remember rightly there’s some tiling that appeals to your shoot
    This sketch and your taste for the chopped photo in such an amazing pad is like nothing I ever saw before must take some doing eh!
    Good luck with your next sketches and keep em comming
    From your mate Craig

  2. Craig says:

    That’s appears

  3. Amazing space!! I just love that apartment!!