The Reinvention of Minimalism.

13design-well-dirand-slide-CBRY-jumbo The Paris apartment of architect-of-the-moment Joseph Dirand – featured in T Magazine. The son of the famous interiors photographer Jacques Dirand, Joseph is now one of the most sought after architects in the fashion world, bringing his Parisian touch to minimalism. “I don’t care about style anymore, in a way I hate style, I hate design,” he says. “It’s about life, and generosity.” How french.

This is the apartment he shares with his girlfriend a two kids (every other weekend.)

13design-well-dirand-slide-Y1VP-jumbo13design-well-dirand-slide-JIE2-tmagArticle13design-well-dirand-slide-81EW-jumboa8de4be2225dd4eeafdf6bafb6d1994613design-well-dirand-slide-S1BQ-jumboRead the article HERE. 

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  1. he sounds like a douchebag. great apartment though.