The Archist City.


If your favorite artists designed houses. That’s the premise behind Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina‘s “Archist City.” So whimsical. I’m also really into his “Archiset” – illustrations of interiors inspired by famous films, and his “Archibet” series- the alphabet as houses by famous architects. (Barragán, my fave) I like them all, actually.  024_Ellsworth-Kelly-01_905 023_salvador-dali-01_905 019_frank-stella-01_905 018_christo-01_905 016_james-turrell-01_905 014_Joan-Mir-01_905 013_picasso-01_905 012_damien-hirst-01-01_905 010_keith-haring-01_905 08_Andy-Warhol-01_905 07_Mark-Rothko-01_905 06_-roy-lichtenstein-01_905 05_-gerhard-richter-01_905 04_-Richard-Serra-01_905 02_-mondrian-01_905

And from the other series:  016_clockwork-orange--01_905 011_modern-times-01_905 09_breakfast-at-tiffany-s-01_905 08_star-wars-01_905 archicine4-01_905 archicine17-01_905-1 archicine10-01_905 archicine17-01_905

He sells posters on Society 6 too. We need those.

I feel a little under the weather, so all I can come up to think about that is “heart emoji.”  And thus, society has deteriorated.


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  1. Sign me up for Keith Harring!

  2. alyse says:

    love these!!