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The other day I was talking with none other than my therapist about legendary german model/groupie Uschi Obermaier. The IT girl of 1968, Uschi had affairs with everyone from Mick Jagger, to Keith Richards to Jimi Hendrix. She had one hell of a crazy life. A symbol of the German left, she and her first boyfriend Rainer Langhan became symbols of the sexual revolution. Then she and Keith were apparently really in love for a while, until she met german club owner Dieter Bockhorn. She carried on affairs with both men at once, eventually leaving Keith passed out in the middle of the night to travel around the world in a bus with Dieter- Asia for three years, then the US and Mexico. Uschi claimed in the press that she and Dieter had a wedding in every country they visited, but apparently they only really married once, in India. In 1983, Keith Richards caught up with Uschi and Deiter- they were living on a beach in Baja in a tent, and he was there to marry Patti Hansen. He heard reports of a crazy beautiful german girl living on the beach and went to find her, where he confronted her for the first time since she had abandoned him crashed out in a Chicago hotel room 8 years earlier, in 1975. One week later Dieter crashed his motorcycle in Baja and died. Uschi would later say “in that single week in Mexico I have irrevocably lost the two most important men in my life.” Now she lives in Topanga Canyon and designs jewelry.

Uschi is also undoubtedly one of the best looking women I’ve ever laid eyes on. And her style is insanely good, even though she is pretty much naked in every photo, but what makes her so stunning is her spirit. Her rebellion. Her could-not-give-a-fuck-edness. Her bravery. Not every woman can pull off nudity with such class.

Comuna-Hippy-nº1.-Uschi-Obermaier-y-Rainer-Langhaus.-Haz-el-amor-y-no-la-guerra. 1-1 Uschi_Obermeier_1_a5 Uschi_Obermeier_3_01 MX-2600N_20111121_140844_010 1897_Mangold_G_Obermaier_U_FM_ r01 Uschi_music Uschi-with-her-Husband-Dieter- b59562_Uschi_Obermaier_s_022 uschi03 uschi-obermaier-picture-bw tumblr_m8yufiuo7h1rpgd3eo2_1280 49628548 tumblr_lnxxsb6rdb1qez2uao1_1280 uschi24ps uschi-obermaier-topless1 keith-uschi Uschi Obermaier, 1969

tumblr_m2mnjezsiQ1qabk2xo1_500 tumblr_m1qxy1AGJQ1qkbawwo1_500tumblr_m14ilhfwYE1qedsibo1_500 tumblr_lzrsdd5sIz1qlyoxqo1_1280 tumblr_m0pmwlLwC01qedsibo1_500 tumblr_m1ovaoRJr01rn5i06o1_500Apparently there is a movie about her life – Das Wilde Leben, the english title is Eight Miles High, which I hear is awful. But still.

And yes, I just casually mentioned that I go to therapy, and the reason why I go is because I’m an adult now, and it was time to get it together. Friends can only deal with so much, and they shouldn’t have to, anyway.

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  1. lmh says:

    therapy is a luxury… just sayin.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      It is!Both the concept- paying someone to listen to you talk, and the cost. Mine is mostly covered by insurance. So I guess thats a luxury too.

    • Of all the things to comment on these awesomely bohemian, fun photos….a personal opinion on therapy? I don’t get how this fits within the context of this post and its subject matter.

  2. Craig says:

    Nicole you have marvelous tastes I’d like you to know that
    I think therapy is cruel and is of little use nowadays it’s all about some one prescribing medications
    I feel this is a time where maybe Nicole needs direction and that it very tuff for women in general like the actress above, like ladies of the night the share they go through I don’t know
    Living in a tent by the beach I must try that
    Great pictures of someone in there prime blessed with a great body and pretty face
    Still it must be brilliant to be able to live so glamorous and have sex on tap if she liked
    Look after your yourself
    Yeah! The shyte men put women through

    From Craig

  3. Craig says:

    The Shyte they go through good women ought be paid like footballers

  4. Consuelo says:

    The first picture is not Uschi Obermaier, it is Senta Berger, a german actress!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You know, that picture was giving me sooo much trouble. It looked different to me,and I was trying to source it, but every time I googled her it came up! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll remove it now!

  5. Did you read the Keith Richards bio? I’m not a particular fan or anything – but really loved his book. Interesting life led, that’s for sure.

    What does this lady look like now?

  6. what a babe. great hair. and teeth.

  7. alyse says:

    love these pics

  8. Today is the first time I’ve ever heard of/seen Uschi. Not bad. I’d do ‘er….then anyhow. No idea of what she looks like now. Is she still alive? I came across the movie “Eight Miles High” on NETFLIX this morning and clicked on it for some reason. I had to Google Uschi to find out she is a real person. Pretty interesting stuff.

    I have no idea what this site is about or if my comments are relevant. Guessing from the therapy comments I suppose it’s all fair game here. Really though, it’s the internet. Who cares what I think or write? If you do you have no real problems.

    By the way, the girl that’s playing Uschi is quite nice. I’m definitely a breast man so I’m O.K. with constant “In your face” breasts. They are after all, God’s most important and beautiful creations. I could live out the remainder of my days with a boob in my mouth.

    Oh my. The pursuit of breast perfection is why I can’t anyone even close to my age. Not saying there aren’t quality fifty year old mammaries, but they’re far and few between.

    It will be interesting to see any comments that may follow my own words. You know, it is possible to simply enjoy the company of another human being solely based on their physical attributes. Folks have done it for thousands of years. As long as both parties are cool with the situation, so what right?

  9. Michelle says:

    Does anybody know who took this photo or anything about its origins? Thanks!

    • Michelle says:

      Oops – I’m interested in the first photo with all the leopard print….

  10. Jenny says:

    I have seen the film about her rise to fame or notoriety on the world stage, her travels, the men she devoured along the way, her appetite for adventure and experiencing life on every level and I enjoyed the film. Such a fascinating journey her life has been, and certainly not all roses either. Interesting woman, I am sure she still is. Anyone know the website of her jewellery designs? Be interesting to see her designs.