GIPKx6v5NQrsewrjVuzRkpaWxYR97I7K2UsWIWVTgTc A few weeks ago, in an interview on The Barneys blog The Window, I happened to mention that I love menswear. When asked to describe my aesthetic I said: Aesthetically, I sometimes think I’m a dapper man trapped in a woman’s body. I gravitate towards menswear, leathers and things with clean and simple lines. I guess I would call it “masculine edgy” with a guilty penchant for glamour!

gant rugger I am an idiot and you can all feel free to mock me in the comments! But THEN GANT Rugger called! Wanna be in a campaign for the first women’s collection for GANT Rugger? Um, duh. The women’s collection was literally born of A HASHTAG. Women have been going into the men’s stores for years, buying stuff and tagging it #girlsingantrugger on various social media.  Well, no more scouring for mens XS, because GANT Rugger finally has a women’s line, available this August!

gant rugger It’s designed by the beautiful and talented (and 25 year old) FiFi Hallstensson, who is Head of Design for all of GANT Rugger. “The collection is designed with the boyfriend aesthetic in mind,” Fifi told me. “It’s for the woman that is dressy but messy, elegant but cool. She runs around in her sneakers all day, but is equally as comfortable at an elegant party in 5″ heels!” She and I talked a lot about her attention to detail: making a baseball jacket that wasn’t so thick and heavy that you couldn’t bend your arms (I never realized that, but she’s totally right!), making button ups for women without dreaded darts and that are meant to be machine washed, the perfect fitting trouser that can be worn with sneakers or jeans, or the happy accident that is the sweater I’m wearing in the photos- they used the back of the fabric because when it came in, Fifi liked it better than the front! The collection is collegiate, East Coast Autumn, and American, simple and cool. Everything I like my clothes to be. Fifi gifted me the white button up I’m wearing in the photos, and it’s amazing, I’ve been wearing it on repeat since the shoot!

gant rugger Of course, being IN photos instead of taking them was hugely out of my comfort zone- please note my AC Slater pose! But I had amazing hair and makeup (by Arrojo and TEMPTU) and Fifi helped me pick out my outfit, and then of course, street style photographer Michael Dumler aka @on_abbotkinney doesnt take a bad photo, so I knew I was in good hands!


xTX-eAhWV_kLeBsGDCDSVBtYPpTLQ8KU9WJuF4fxXlc gant rugger And yes, I have short blond hair now.

Learn more about the global launch of GANT Rugger’s womens collection HERE.

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  1. Marielle says:


  2. Craig says:

    In England I call you a Tom boy
    I like Tom boys. It was great seeing you
    Your clothing looks soo good on you
    From Craig

  3. Amazing! love it

  4. Oh my gosh! I thought I was a weirdo and the only one that liked stuff like this! I am not alone!! This is a great day. I totally die over the cuffed shorts that are part of the collection. It is so hard to find shorts like that. I really hope more retailers start making clothes for women with this kind of look and feel.

  5. so fun!! You look amazing. And love your outfit. What a fun post. Will you be doing more shoots? I hope so!

  6. Cheri says:

    Wow!!! Very cool!!! U look great!!! Fun!!!

  7. Uhm, gorge x infinity! So damn cool!

  8. Atara says:

    You look gorgeous this post was so fun! and I’m very excited love this type of clothing also. I wear my hubs sweaters and shirts all the time!

  9. Lauren says:

    These clothes are meant for you. You look great!

  10. Bri says:

    Don’t feel like an outcast or weirdo for being a women who likes men’s clothing, I’m the same way. I also tend to head
    straight to the men’s section. I rather carry a nice rugged murse than a women’s handbag.

    You look great in the pictures!

  11. You are stunning in every possible way.

    And I want everything you’re wearing- most especially that coat. Heaven.


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