bab2bdec7aa9a43d0e5ed0f56d228d53Sometimes all we have is our pretty little thoughts, like now, when I’m being deprived of bread and beer. Today’s inspiration is brought to you by black and white, graphic shapes, clean lines and ….

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33954129c26ac60304ffd158cc344ab7Kelly Wearstler 46bbbb79a33f67222e65724740e2f9fdHermesb24f3129c96e168a9e0418edcb3aa0d9ae4e6bb21aada5ceabbb8887fc0ba0dbVia
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  1. Talking of beer and bread I have overdone that abit lately Also I have been switched on to Oreo icecream which I have managed to save after filling to the brim my freezer with Brown stewed cows foot and broadbean and curried tripe goat and cow
    Today still feeling dizzy got to get busy. Nicole this sketch come to me like your black beauty Hermes in the pics real good big pleasures all round here thanks
    What next.?

  2. From Craig

  3. Those stairs are beyond amazing. Great shots