Aerial Abstracts.

Zack Seckler

These aerial abstracts by photographer Brooklyn based Zack Seckler are INSANE. Aerial photography is all the rage these days, but these in particular speak to me. PASTELS!  The series is called Botswana. Using an ultra-light aircraft, Seckler photographed the entire series less than 500 feet above ground. The low elevation affords the photos sublime details, although they are pulled back enough to be almost abstract. I just can’t get over the colors, the stillness, the serenity.

Zack Seckler Zack Seckler Zack Seckler Zack Seckler Zack Seckler Zack Seckler Happy Earth Day!



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  1. Art Maven says:

    Take a look at Emmet Gowin. He pioneered arial photography in the late 80’s. He studied with Harry Callahan and Frederick Sommer. He chairs the photography department at Princeton University. He is
    the real deal. His work is the “Poster Child” for Earth Day. All the photos, albeit beautiful, depict man’s destruction of the earth. He shows at Pace MacGill.