Ads Libitum.


Ah, tumblr. What a wealth of joyous content you contain. Like this, the work of french art director David Redon. Ads Libitum is his re-imagining of famous songs as vintage ads. He treats the artist as the product and the song title as the slogan. Pretty delightful.

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Hmmm, I’m torn between Beat It, Juicy, Come As You Are and , Sun is Shining. I wish he sold these! I also love the Kanye, because I SWEAR this is true and I’m not lying, sometimes when I’m running and listening to Kanye, he makes me feel empowered in that Rosie the Riveter way. So sad, so true. Also, its just funny.

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  1. Craig says:

    Young and beautiful, Amy Winehouse, they are all good
    Most interesting plenty of enjoyment had looking these over
    I thank you for the treasure trove sprung from the beautifully talented and brilliantly educated mind of Our dear Nicole and every works of art or photos made and displayed
    Very grateful on my Birthday too! What a treat
    From Craig.

  2. These are so killer!! I think the Beyonce one and the Snoop one are my favs!

  3. Nirvana & Snoop! Love these.