Xu Zhen, Under Heaven.


The Armory Show starts today! Exciting, as is the work of The Armory Show 2014 Commissioned Artist Xu Zhen. If it looks delicious, it’s because it was applied with a pastry chef’s icing applicator. Mmmhhmmm. Xu Zhen is one of Shanghai’s most provocative artists and he and his 30 person MADEIN team make art across all mediums – painting, photography, video, installation, sculpture, performance art and more. Also on display is  “Action of Consciousness” installation, in which objects are hurled over a white cube, and “The Thinker.” You can watch a video tour of his studio HERE.  130-image-1080-966-fit 127-image-1080-966-fit 123-image-1080-966-fit-1 132-image-1080-966-fit 131-image-1080-966-fit 130-image-1080-966-fit-1
Learn more about Xu Zhen and the show HERE. 


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  1. Soooooooo lovely. How great would those images be as WALLPAPER? It appears organic, almost like a floral…