The Red Wall.


I can’t stop staring at these photos of “The Red Wall”  aka La Muralla Roja. I love photos of walls – a strange thing to love, I know. (My favorite insult of all time – Nicole, why don’t you go take another picture of a WALL! Why, yes, yes I will.) And these kind of, sort of remind me of the work of Luis Barragán, that I posted a few months ago.


Built in 1973 by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in Calpe, Alicante, Spain. The building was deeply inspired by North African architecture known as the Casbah. It’s a complex of over 50 apartments with intersecting stairs, bridges and colorful platforms. It’s built like a red fortress atop the rocky cliffs of the  Mediterranean. One of the goals of the building was to reinterpret the line between  public and private spaces, with lots of hidden patios and bridges.  The geometric design is designed around overlapping Greek cross shaped structures with arms 5 meters long, being grouped in different ways. Service towers  (kitchens and bathrooms) are placed at their point of intersection.


The outside surfaces are painted in various tones of red, to accentuate the contrast with the landscape. Patios and stairs, however, are painted in blue tones to produce a stronger or weaker contrast with the sky or to do the opposite – blend in with it.

Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_05 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_03 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_06 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_08 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_11 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_10 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_18 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_20 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_24 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_27 Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_Arquitectura_25_bis

I can’t imagine what its like inside, but I do know I would shoot the hell out of this place. WALLSSSSSSSSSSSSS…….



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  1. Craig says:

    Amazing right in the middle of somewhere I also want Nicole the shoot the hell out of the place its marvelous If only I were there woweeyeah! BEAUTIFULLY DONE

  2. This is truly awe-inspiring, thank you so much for sharing these photographs. I know of the architects’ work but had not seen images of this particular site.

  3. Morgan says:

    Easy to compare with M. C. Escher’s ‘Cycle’.

  4. Reminds me of “mine craft” , a game my kids play online

  5. alyse says:

    wow so cool