Instalovin @Cutie and the Beast.


Does your mother randomly tag you in photos of  “inspiration” children on instagram? Like pictures of kids that seem somehow overly cute and sort of fake and are wearing something Terese Guidice would put on her girls for a christening? Just me? Well, my reaction to all of those and to most kids that I don’t actually know or have a vested interest in is “meh,” but the other day Courtney told me she’d found her future child on instagram and oh lordy lord, did my heart melt over this account. @Cutieandthebeast chronicles the life of Siena and Buddha “A little kid and her big Doberman.” CANT. EVEN. DEAL. WITH. THE. CUTENESS. Even my heart full of icicles, heroin needs and porcupine quills turned into mush for this one.

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Thus concludes the “Today in Heartwarming” segment of this blog.

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  1. Craig says:

    Lovely that is

  2. Emily says:

    too. much.

  3. Marielle says:


  4. beatrice says:

    Nothing beats bringing up a young child with a young dog! Their cameraderie is unbeatable!

  5. These photos are so lovely.


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