Iconic Family Albums

I have a  secret spot in my heart for romantic family blogs. I let it out once in a while. Maybe because actually having and running a family is so freakin tiring and frustrating that making it seem beautiful, idealizing and appreciating the romance of little having little children in your life does make it better. It’s stopping to smell the roses while they are still blooming, because they are pricking you anyway… (Right now my son is dressed up in a Buzz Lightyear costume and dragging my flash around the house, plugging it in and then setting it off. It’s maddening. He also is OBSESSED with watching youtube videos of “Disney Collector” opening egg surprises on my desktop?!? Does anyone know why these exist and or have a child similarly enchanted with this crap?) Anyhoo… romantic family photography does it for me.  Childhoods should be photographed, they are so short and precious. I started this blog when Cookie was born and she just lost her first tooth! Courtney recently introduced me to Captain and The Gypsy Kid. A beautiful blog run by a stylist who produces the most gorgeous photo shoots of beautiful little families. It’s great. She also does this family album feature where she posts photos of iconic people and their children. I love it. I snagged a bunch for us to enjoy on this Sunday.

ASC003172 Lennon, yoko ono and kyoko cox

© Copyright 2004 Corbis CorporationJane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg and family in France
IMG_07971974 Mia Farrow reading to her daughter Lark and friends outside their home on Martha’s Vineyard. IMG_0286Elizabeth Taylor and son Michael  Presley-Family-PhotoThe Presley Portrait 7bb234ade247c9ed6f2fcdd7f8350f611Muhammed Ali and kids 3094e0e55d572ba7a8b3d8bc1d718059Paul and Mary McCartney 1207a8353f5g2144Jerry Hall and Gabriel Jagger, photographer Annie leibovitz article-2321302-19B29179000005DC-240_634x4301 The McCartney’s having dinner on their private jet in June 1976 29cdab3b138c11bd01ea65b4c667bc7e Jackie Kennedy and daughter Caroline on the beach at Hyannis Port in 1959 Sophia-Loren-holds-her-newborn-son-Carlo-Ponti-Jr.-in-the-bedroom-of-her-Italian-villa-as-Alfred-Eisenstaedt-crouches-beside-her-1969 Sophia Loren holds her son, Carlo Ponti Jr., in the bedroom of her Italian villa with Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1969. kosbourne2_gl_21jan13_getty_b_592x888 Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon and their children Aimee, Kelly and Jack, 1987 20_11590511_1-1 Audrey Hepburn and husband Mel Ferrer with baby Sean, 1960 ld9ec4bxvz8c9dc8-11 Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim with their daughter Vanessa 117237823.jpg Robert Redford with his daughter, Shauna, in New York City, 1969 ef810c60502cc3b2bd296822d3331697-1 Donald Sutherland with his son, Kiefer, in 1970. Dean Martin [& Family] Dean Martin and daughter Gina Caroline at their Beverly Hills home, 1958 barbra-streisand-jason-gould-movie-theater-portrait-1971-photo-GC Barbara Streisand and son Jason Gould at the movies, 1971 01-TCX-carine-roitfeld-french-vogue-editor-black-and-white-photo-0912-3bZNEB-promo_xl Carine Roitfeld and partner Christian Restoin with their children Julia and Valdimir in St Bart’s, 1996 Ziggy-and-his-father-Bob-Marley Bob Marley with son Ziggy


Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson at an airport, 1982 22c4d7571b483f6cdada7a90b8a66e51Dustin Hoffman with his stepdaughter Karina, 1969.

08/00/1967. Brigitte Bardot at "the madrague" Saint Tropez08/00/1967. Brigitte Bardot at "the madrague" Saint TropezBrigitte Bardot with her son Nicolas Charrier at ”the madrague” Saint Tropez, 1967

tumblr_lfqtwlMSfY1qcazjwo1_500 Paul Newman, with wife Joanne and daughter Nell.

Ralph-Lauren-his-family-East-Hampton-1975 Ralph and Ricky Lauren with children David 3 Andrew 6, and Dylan 1, East Hampton, summer 1975


Cher and Chastity, 1975

Is it weird that my favorite is Ozzy and Sharon? Serving up some 80’s realness, that is! Also Kate and Goldie. So good.

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  1. These photos are cool to see now that the kids are all grown up.

  2. Craig says:

    Happy Mothers Day
    Thanks for everything you make all my days worth living without you my only inspirations may vanish
    Thanks for showing the greatest pics of famous people
    My favorite is Bob Marly the black and whites actually I love them all
    Have a good one from Craig

  3. Alison H says:

    So funny my 3 year old is obsessed with Disney collector on YouTube! I actually bought Easter eggs and filled them with chocolate and little figurines as her own little egg surprises lol!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha! Why does this even exist. We are trying to use Disney eggs to motivate him to use the potty!

  4. I just start following your blog.. Beautiful pictures!! After reminiscing those pictures, I realize how fast children grows and time disappears before your eyes. Enjoy your beautiful children. I am sure I am not the first one who said to you.

  5. abe k says:

    wow! these pictures are priceless

  6. Morgan says:

    I like the Liz photo. It was always about Liz … wasn’t it?

    “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.”

    ― Elizabeth Taylor

  7. Sarah says:

    I know this post is a few months old but I had to comment. I was scrolling through your blog looking for art inspiration and read this post. Just the other night my 3 year old son at the dinner table says “hey guys, Disney collector here with BIG egg surprised!” Hilarious. Those videos have so many page views!
    Thanks for posting such great content. Love your APT.